The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 5-12-20


Intel Begins 55:50.

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday May 7th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – all over the globe

Let’s cut to the intel segment tonight – I do have some information to bring to you tonight that I think is really really good – and let’s answer the question that Bob brought from a listener regarding the 250 projects that the banks will have at the redemption center or at our second meeting possibly  –

We don’t know which  – that have been sort of approved and given to the banks as projects to use for us – if we don’t have any of our own – That was sort of a supplementary thing where the bank would be involved directly with you on the formulation of these 250 projects –

I am going to say those are probably generic projects – there might be something you can do that is unique or different and they do exist – #1 there is no way to find out about these projects as of yet –

If so I would already have that – that is something that is reserved for the banks to talk about at the redemption center for people that have no project or they do not have a clue about their project – that is when they would be introduced to someone with Zim more than likely – I don’t think it’s going to affect the other currency holder – per say –

When it comes to where we are and what we have – Let’s go to Iraq – and find out what has been happening there because it is very significant – The Iraqi Dinar has revalued and we brought that up to you last week – We do have a rate that has come out – that we talked about on the qi card – (pronounced “key” card) – that was nearing $10 over a week ago –

What is happening now – we have had a new Prime Minister elected in Iraq about a week ago that we were given the name of who he was – that news was brought to us last Friday – which was “after” Thursday’s Big Call – and the name of that individual is Mustafa Al-Kazemi – he is the new Prime Minister  of Iraq – and we have a new director of the CBI – a woman – she is very pro RV and very much going to be an asset for the CBI – and I understand the new Prime Minister is a very pro – let’s say a President Trump type leader –

I think we are going to have some very good things coming out of Iraq – and we understand yesterday that the World Bank and the IMF and our Secretary of State and a few others were in Iraq yesterday –

I am going to call it crossing the t’s and dotting the I’s – on the new Iraqi dinar currency – what the rates are going to be – and so on – they were over there working with them –

I am sure they were meeting with both the CBI director as well as the Prime Minister and others – that is a very positive move coming from that angle –

We have – but not sure – our rates – which could be placeholder rates or they could be actual rates – it’s not clear yet – but we do have that on the screens from Iraq – from their trading neighbor Iran – for the Vietnamese Dong – The Rial – and also on the Venezuela – and also Afghanistan currency –

There may be others but those five  have been – I don’t know if they are there exactly right now but have been – at a very similar rate – which could be a placeholder – it’s possible – I find that interesting – that they’re there at the same rate – maybe not exactly right now –  but were yesterday –

We know that these rates can change and will change for us before we start – whether it’s in the morning on the bank screens or whether it’s over night in the forex updates (around 2:30 am) – they could do one or both –

Generally speaking the rates populate over night as a result of trading – 8:30-9:00 PM eastern range – when Chinese markets open up – and that can affect the rate as well –

The forex itself that tracks these things generally update around 2:30 am and then trades up and down through out the trading –

Here we are on the 12th of May – We had some word yesterday that the so called value date was made to be yesterday – for the GCR Global Currency Reset – the value date I believe was a direct reflection of the new currency that we will have known as the USTN or short version USN

We have a USN designation which means United States Note – you put the “T” in there Treasury – United States Treasury Note is what is going to be written on our money – where we now have Federal Reserve Note – That is going to go away – and the USTN is going to supplant it –

The USN – being the 3 letter designation for our dollar was changed over and took over the spot USD which was our previous dollar – which is fiat backed meaning backed by full faith and credit of the United States – The USN is an asset backed dollar that is backed by gold – silver – other precious metals – oil – natural gas – etc – and that’s why we call it “asset backed” – it might be gold backed 40-50% maybe a little higher now but I believe we use the term asset backed to describe a lot of the currencies that are around the globe

The transition from USD to the USN – my understanding is it is a 6 step process – it started yesterday with the designation on the screen at approximately 4:30 pm eastern daylight time – to me that gave value to the USN and that made it a “value date”

That to me was a start – and how many starts have we had????? –  a lot – but I think that is a measurable beginning to the Global Currency Reset – at least as far as our country is concerned – with our new dollar

Now – that 6 step procedure we heard – was possibly the same thing as a 24 hour hold today – because we had information saying that we would begin the payout process with the groups – starting at 12:01 AM this morning – one minute after midnight – last night

Now – my belief – and only my belief – is that things are positioned to be paid but cannot be moving forward until that USN received its completion – in that 6 step process – which was supposed to end between 2 and 6:30 pm today – eastern daylight time – Let’s say that since the start of the Big Call – it’s 9 pm Eastern – we believe that process has been completed – that would make sense to me as to the definition of the 24 hour quote unquote hold – until that USN had reached the maturity of the 6 step process

Further to that we have a new person directly involved with our Federal Reserve – whether she is replacing or not – I don’t know exactly – but we know that her name Judy Shelton is someone that we have watched and we know that she was in fact put in position with the Fed to oversee this transition from USD – dollar -to USN – note – we know that she was put in position to do that beginning at 12:01 this morning – or again one minute after midnight –

So the oversight of that is complete – with what I’ve said that positions us in my opinion to be ready for the groups to be paid tonight or overnight tonight – We believe there is nothing else holding that up –  Even though in my opinion – the USN needed to transition all the way to 6:30 PM today before those groups could be paid –

My understanding is that paymasters accounts have been liquid and all they needed was the green light to begin with new access codes to pay out the participants in the groups – this was also to pay out SKR’s – the rest of the intermediate groups as well as all of the Core and the remaining Admiral’s group –

The only other thing I can add to that is the information that we received right before the call was pointing to the fact that everything is done and I hate that d word (done) but I believe in this case – it’s pointing towards completion and I’m excited because I believe everything we think has been done is ready to move forward for us –

Also I understand that the schedule for notification and subsequent beginning of exchanges or the setting of appointments – for exchanges was to have occurred by around this evening – could be the 6:30 or a little later on – in other words the schedule for Tier 4 – that is including the Admiral’s groups – (Tier 4A) and the internet group which is Tier 4B (ourselves)  –

That means that we know that the 527,000 + emails that Wells Fargo has on their servers are ready to be released at the same time IMO – that the toll free number would be coming to me to disseminate

So would they happen at night or overnight – my belief is that it will happen in the day time – could be in the morning and – does our gold backed dollar – our USN – does it need to be announced before we start?

Some people are thinking it does – I believe it’s been announced to the proper people – just not to us – obviously you’re hearing it because I found out about it and I’m telling you on the Big Call –

Over all is it going to be made public yet – my answer is – probably not – Is it enough to satisfy the Chinese Elders to let the paymasters begin – I believe it will be – or IS –

What about those that are being picked up and delivered or as I call it clean up on aisle 3? It is ongoing – it’s continuing – we’re in the midst of it – it’s all good- are we going to announce something about that? Right smack dab in the midst of it?

I don’t think so – certain things may leak out in the press – certain things may happen – but I don’t see that as something that is going to be released at this time –

I know that some things are happening now – this week – over the weekend – and it’s quite a large number this week – incredible number of clean up but that is underway – and well underway –

I believe we are exactly where we need to be at the right time – waiting for this to come to fruition – and I believe that we have everything moving in that direction – I don’t know if we’re going to go in the next day or so – but it looks like we are –

Will it happen by the 15th which is Friday?  I hope so – but we again don’t KNOW it – cannot say absolutely – yet – and they don’t want us to know – this is nothing new  –

I am going to say that we have the information that we have its very positive – I think we are moving forward at a good speed and I would say to stay patient and keep your faith for this to come to fruition.