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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 5-28-20


Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday May 19th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – all over the globe

Let’s go into what’s happening in the way of intel – I’m going to try to bring several things together and clarify some things that I know you are curious about because of different things that have been written or are out there –

I think I have some clarity that I can bring to a few situations  – First of all – some of you may have known about some bonds that were recently negotiated – like yesterday – it ends up that these bonds that were found in the basement of the St Louis Federal Bank building  were United States Infrastructure Bonds –

These bonds were 1903 / 1907 / and 1913 Railroad and Water Infrastructure Bonds – that were gold backed –  These bonds that were found have been able to be – let’s put it this way – they have put a value on this – Steven Mnuchin and Judy Shelton and 2 others – they had a heated discussion for over 2 ½ hours yesterday –  where they assessed the value – which is tied to gold – between – supposed to be 1 cent higher – 2 cents higher or 3 cents higher  – they settled after much discussion at 2 cents higher –

What this means is – they were able to put a value on these bonds such that the debt of the United States could be completely paid off – debt from China could be paid off – China’s debt of at least 7-8 countries could be paid off – and I believe 2 African countries – so 7-8 South Asian countries and 2 African countries could all be paid off –

That essentially is the start of our Debt Jubilee – and that works out really well – that was accomplished yesterday – those have been handled – we thought on Tuesday’s call that they would be handled Thursday and Friday – they were done late yesterday afternoon – this is a really positive step in the right direction –

It was so much in terms of value in gold that those bonds were worth 175 Thousand Metric Tons of Gold – That’s a lot!! That’s a bunch!! My understanding is it could have been worth as much 7 Trillion Dollars – more or less – That’s a huge chunk that came together yesterday and remember these were infrastructure bonds for Railroad and water – Water could be  used to handle 2-3 different things back in 1903 / 1907 / and 1913 – a real positive move

Let’s see where else we want to go now – we’ve talked about different ways to be notified with the 800 numbers – there was something put out over the last day or so that talked about 4 different possible options – I noticed the second option was verbatim on what I said on my call Tuesday night –

Our belief is that is the go to option  – as I mentioned on Tuesdays call the idea of getting the toll free number included in the 527,000 + emails they are not coming from HSBC – these are coming from Wells Fargo servers – and with those emails will be a general 800 number to call as well as a personalized ID number –  Don’t confuse these two – everyone will get the 800 number – but the personalized ID number will be just for you – and you are to print it out and take with you to your appointment –

If you do not get an email you will find the 800 number through alternant means  like going to our website – Big Call – or other websites – We will be doing a mass emailing with the number to those registered –

I am supposed to get the number at approximately the same time – maybe before or during the time the emails go out – I understand there are 4 batches – with a half hour in between the mailings – totaling about 2 hour timeframe –

That is as far as I know “The Way” that we will be notified – if you do not have an email or you are not using the one you used years ago – as in my case – then you will get it from the website or the mass emailing that we do –

Now – beyond that – let’s clarify something that was confused a little bit – There are debit cards going out – NOT with any 800 number – what it is  – these are a test run of just under 4 million debit cards – 3.9 something million debit cards going out as a test run – for the accounts tied to your social security number and name – these accounts – these cards are supposed to come out with between $5,000 and $30,000 on them – they are NOT going to discriminately  currency holders – Zim holders or any one like that –

There appears to be no rhyme or reason as to who the test mailings are going out to – I heard in one situation where one person knew of 6 people have already received these cards – and another situation where 11 people have received these cards –

These cards started going out a few days ago – actually started being received Monday and Tuesday of this week – today is Thursday – so they’ve just started being received – Remember – this IS A TEST –

This account is called a Treasury Direct Account – TDA – we believe it is a part of what each of us have in our TDA – they are coming out as a debit card from the US Treasury with amounts for the most part – not every card is this high – one I know of has been much lower than $5,000 – but 5-30,000 initially is what I was told –

Again – these are discriminately going out – with no rhyme or reason – they are NOT targeting or going to currency holders and they have no 800 numbers tied to them for setting an appointment

Whether there is something to be said about a LINK – I can see possibilities with it  – but I can also see security issues with it – I am not sure that will be the case – The one case that we know they are going with is the one I mentioned – the same thing I said on Tuesday night call –

Now let’s see what else we can do to clear the air a little bit on what might be out there – Where are we in the mix right now? Where do we stand?

Here’s where we are – You have heard me talk about tier 3’s / tier 4’s  – tier 3 SKR’s are supposed to have been started to be paid out as of 2:30 in the morning Eastern TODAY – Thursday –

Beyond the tier 3 SKR’s who’s next? How about the intermediates? Yes – those have not been paid out yet – This is the Fines & Penalties – adjudicated  settlements – CMKX is one of them – also the Indian claims – Farm claims – all of those large group pay outs that are considered intermediates  – why are they intermediates? – Because they fall between tier 3 and tier 4 – Those are to start paying out tonight and should take from now till Sunday afternoon / evening to complete –

Where does the Core 30 fall? Why is it called Core 30? This Core group has 30 paymasters – 6 top paymasters and each has 5 sub paymasters below them – and then there is a total number underneath this 30 paymaster labyrinth of about 500 individuals –

It’s not a big group and the entire group is dinar only holders for the purpose of the Core – those individuals I believe are linked and connected directly to the intermediates – In other words they may not be a part of tier 4A – They may be paid along with the intermediates which should be paid by Sunday –

That’s the information we have so far on those – Now – who’s left? Tier 4A and Tier 4B – we are tier 4B – the internet group – Tier 4A is the remaining paymasters over the groups under the so called Admiral’s Group

Those groups we  understand are to go either right before tier 4B or possibly at the same time as we get our notification and start to set our appointments – Alright now we are looking at when?  We’ve got everything so far – through Sunday afternoon – Are we looking at Monday? Tuesday?  I believe we are – Tier 4A and 4B Monday or Monday/Tuesday – That should do it –

Tuesday is the 2nd of June – and we know that we expect to be able to exchange and redeem Zim at the bonafide redemption centers – that would be through and including the 18th of June – Theoretical time frame of 16 days – Plenty of time

I cannot say absolutely – but I do have very good sources and very good information that is looking for a start around that Monday/Tuesday start time –

We know the redemption centers staff were off yesterday – off today – they have a conference call tomorrow afternoon – and they are supposed to get a new schedule by email on Saturday –

So that is what we are pretty much looking at from that perspective – you know the timeframe that we are looking at – and I think realistically – as much as I would love to have this thing right this minute – NOW – today / tomorrow – I can’t say that – because the information I have is very strong and is pointing to the time frame I just laid out –

So – with that said – I think what’s going to happen with Iraq – they will not actually be turned on so their rate would be seen until we give them that green light –

Our Treasury actually through Pompeo  – Secretary of State – will be the one to communicate that with Iraq – They are ready to go – believe me – They have been ready – I know they’ve been ready –  just like we’ve been ready – you and I – we’ve been ready –

Now – let’s talk about one other thing – let me finish up on Iraq – Iraq should have their rate up and running in new form or fashion on Sunday – either Saturday or Sunday – and as you know – first business day in Iraq is Sunday – So we will see how that looks –  and comes together –

The 1st of June is a big deal – What about a gold announcement?  We should have some form of a USN asset backed currency announcement for the financial industry ONLY on the 1st – which is Monday – That means you and I might not be in that industry – whether we are stock traders – hedge fund operators – you know what I’m saying – bankers – those people in the financial industry are the ones that will get the USN / USTN heads up –

Which is it? USN or USTN? United States Note / United States “Treasury” Note – is what will be written on our actual money – our NEW money – I don’t know when it’s coming out – My personal feeling is it may not come out until after the 1st maybe even around the 15th – It may not come out until the so called “public” the tier 5 – which are not too many people – bring it out –

In other words where that new money is actually out – and we’re going to have about 90 days to get rid of any fiat money that we may have in hand – either by spending  – which is the best way to do it – or by exchanging it at the bank when the new —- not now —– when the NEW USTN’s are out –

I am sure you will get a heads up as to when that is or they will just plain have them at the bank without an announcement and people will see it –

So – you’ve got the update of the bonds – our bonds – historical infrastructure bonds – and they had a total value of approximately 175 thousand Metric Tons – that’s clarification there on that story –

You got a clarification on the emailing – and the 800 number – and there is another aspect – and you know I call it clean up on aisle 3 – there has been another round of clean up I n our tier 1 banks as recently as yesterday and today – over the last 72 hours maybe 96 hours – we’ve had some clean up with our banking institutions –

I think it’s important for us to feel confident when we go in and establish a relationship with our banks – especially our tier 1 banks because when we go back for a follow up appointment with our wealth managers  – with our private office personnel – with a possible personal accountant group – or CPA group and of course the possibility of legal attorneys to fine tune and create your trust documents – or any other structures you want to use – LLC’s and so on – this is something you would go back to your private banker to put that all together –

Now it doesn’t mean you’re going back and recalculate a rate on your Zim – that is supposed to be completed at your first meeting – period – that is why they are allocating 35 – 90 mins for Zim holders to get it all done at the first appointment – You will have other things to follow up on like I just mentioned – with your wealth management group – advisor – Abbott Downing rep – whoever it is – based on the bank you choose –

I really believe that finally this is it – this may very well be our last call – this could be it – based on the information I just gave you –

That’s it for tonight – you’ve got the gist of it – everything is good – we do have a supposedly start time for June 1st  – I think we are in a great place – I’m excited and ready to go as you are – Thanks everyone for listening –