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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 6-2-20


Intel Begins 55:35.

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday June 2nd and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – all over the globe

Let’s talk a little bit about intel tonight – We don’t have a whole lot new – so I don’t think this is going to go on for too long – But I will say this – Even back on last Wednesday – the day between the two calls – I was getting information about our start that was going to put us in to this morning –

Now – it didn’t happen for us – but we pretty much know why it didn’t – Even though it’s close and we should be there either Wednesday / Thursday option right now – here’s the thing – we know that the Homeland Security signed off and gave their approval for this to go – that was last Friday – also the Department of Justice gave their green light to go ahead – and we had one more agency we were waiting to get clearance from and that was Alcohol / Tobacco / Firearms  – ATF –

We have never really talked about ATF before – but where they enter in is with all of the violence that’s coming in these cities from outside of those individual states and cities – that runs into difficulty with groups like  ANTIFA – and other groups that are just causing issue – as you guys know if you have been paying attention – you know that the peaceful demonstrators in these cities are doing just that – keeping it real – getting their message out – protesting peacefully – which you know even the police are in favor of – because it’s a First Amendment Right

Everyone recognizes that this is cool – but when that goes awry is when groups – and these are NOT the peaceful demonstrators that we can see – but when outside groups come in and cause trouble that is where we have issues – and we have problems –

And we have problems because now we are looking for ATF and one more agency beyond that to weigh in on giving the green light to go –

Yesterday we had the green light from the IMF at noon Monday – then at 2 PM yesterday we had word that 26 sextillion dollars had been moved into place and that at 0400 (4 am in the morning – this morning – Tuesday) we had word that the adjudicated settlements – CMKX – and whatever else – Fines & Penalties – all of those intermediate groups were supposed to have started being paid out today – and they had the go ahead at 4 am eastern to do that –

This is something we have been looking for many days now – we haven’t had any proof of that being started but finally we did get the virtual go ahead to begin with the intermediates – which would translate to the Core Group then to various 120 paymasters groups – and then to us – as tier 4B –

Now – where we stood today – we have redemption centers that are free standing – Bonafide US Treasury Zim Redemption Centers – that are not connected to a bank or a tier 1 banks or tier 2 banks – Those redemption centers had to weigh in today – that they were safe – up and running – able to go – and they ALL with no exceptions – nation wide – gave the green light to go ahead

Then we had the tier 1 and tier 2 banks that had redemption centers for Zim and other currencies –  either inside those banks or connected to those banks to weigh in next – and that is the report we are looking to get now – it was supposed to come in an hour before this call – it did not – at least not to me – and we believe that if that report came in or comes in positive with a green light – then we think we would be able to move forward – which would bring tomorrow in to play –

It is still very much in play – but some of this is going to depend on the peacefulness that we all believe for and hoping for that would take place tonight –

Now – if we get that so called green light – from that final agency – then we should be good to go – either tomorrow or Thursday – Obviously the best day that we could go would be on a Wednesday – that is the day Kuwait revalued – back in the 90’s – and we think that would be the best and I think the Iraqi’s would like to see it happen on Wednesday as well –

Things did not go smoothly last night over this country – and my own personal opinion is that if we do get the go ahead to start tomorrow – or Thursday – that we may very well be doing exchanges during the day – prior to the sun going down and prior to curfews kicking in various cities – some cities may go earlier than others but I think as a general rule – for security purposes – safety – they may decide to let us exchange during daylight hours at least for the first few days – This is only my opinion – I do not have that from any agency – that’s strictly a common sense idea that may come true for us – we don’t know –

Really – right now – as far as I can tell – as far as I’ve been told – there’s nothing else other than confidence in the security that we have as a result of police forces in preparation in terms of the National Guard being available which the Governors have the responsibility to call those out – that is something that each individual state has a responsibility to bring –

Where are the hot spots for the most part are in states where there are Democratic Governors – and cities with Democratic Mayors – that for some reason are hesitant to call up the Guard to help protect businesses – people – even peaceful demonstrations in the cities – but if they don’t and if President Trump sees the need for protection He is prepared and our Military is prepared to go in to calm the seas so to speak –

So – we will see what happens tonight – we will see what happens tomorrow – we should have some form of answer for our go sometime  tomorrow – don’t know when – could be a late morning thing – who knows – we just don’t have that – not yet –

So – I have said before we don’t have a lot of time left – and yet here we are – we don’t have a start time on it – we have a “tentative” start time over the next couple of days – depending upon the full blown release of security to begin

We’ve gotten some good answers back – IMF is ready to go – other institutions ready –  we are now on as of yesterday – 1st of June  completely on the Quantum financial system – away from the Swift System – it’s all good – and this is probably – let’s hope for this – this is the cabal’s last stand – because that is what’s holding us up – hopefully – Lord willing – this will go away – and we will be able to go forward  with our exchanges in due season – hopefully as early as tomorrow or Thursday

Now – other than that – there’s nothing much that I can share other than I want and would like for everyone to be prepared as much as they can for this upcoming event – I want to thank everybody on my team  – those behind the scenes – and listeners.