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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 6-4-20


Intel Begins 1:07:10.

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday June 4th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – all over the globe

We’re going to have a great call tonight – I’m very excited about it – hope you enjoy it – Let’s go and talk about where we are with the intel for our currency holders

We’ll start out with money movement – this is something that has been talked about for quite a while – but we haven’t seen money moving quite to where we are  yet – that’s for sure – but we did hear that early this morning in the 4:00 – 4:30 range – we had word that 70 sextillion dollars was moving into place – from the global collateral  accounts – and that was moving into whatever central banks needed to be handled to be fulfilled – but it is a good sign –

It’s a good sign when that much money is moving  into place – because we are looking for the tiers 1 2 and 3 which includes SKR’s  and so on – to be made liquid – that was supposed to have occurred during the day – today – and to the point where the Core Group and some of the other intermediate groups would be handled tonight and all the way into Saturday –

So this is a time when we’re looking for these groups to be paid out – where as we’ve been told that they are ready to go – they have not gone – Not yet – not in any meaningful way – So we are looking for those to start – we are looking for the groups to get paid – and for us to get moving probably – I am going to say – by Tuesday lunch time – We have been delayed by the activity going on throughout the country – it has definitely held us back – at least several days – maybe a full week –

But we know that there is a plan to take all of our redemption centers – which have not been affected by any of this – there are 13,810 independent  Zim redemption centers – bonafide Treasury allocated centers throughout the United States – without talking about tier 1 and tier 2 bank connections at all – these would be independent of those banks –

When I say independent I mean not connected to – physically connected to those bank structures – those redemption centers are all set and ready to go and I think they have increased the number almost double as a result of the fact that we’ve got a certain timeline trying to get done –

We know that the Zim value will be dramatically reduced to 497 dollars per 100 T note starting after the redemption centers close on the 15thv at midnight – After that time the Zim will no longer carry the value as it does now – The value it carries right now is quite substantial – absolutely tremendous –

What I’m saying by that is – let’s say we do get started somewhere around the evening of the 8th or 9th – if we get started we are going gangbusters through the close of redemption business on the 15th – you can do the math and see how many days that is –

What else is going to happen on the 15th ?  At midnight you have operational rates changing – so that will be a time that we also believe we could hear some NESARA / GESARA announcements taking place –

It’s hard to say – whenever I’m told announcements are expected or due on such and such date – of course I roll my eyes a bit like you guys do – but we know we have some announcement coming on Saturday at around noon  – but this is  going to be more related to the arrest situation – and to about 3,000 people that have been contributing to some of these domestic terrorists organizations – and a lot of these people we’re supposed to know who they are –

Let’s just see how the list is brought out – deciding early  this afternoon what media to choose to bring that information on –  We are not sure how that is going to be brought up – it is supposed to show up around noon on Saturday – We’ll see

Further – we know that Iraq is going to have their new rate – on their Dinar – official – as of Saturday – but we in the US won’t see it until Monday – I think most of us won’t see it until we get to a redemption center – if we have Dinar –

Now – we will be using the redemption centers like I said – with the toll free number which will come in those 527,000 + Wells Fargo emails from their servers – and will also get an 800 number – should be the same one that I get to put out to everybody that doesn’t have email – we will also do an email blast with the number in the email after we get it –

Now – beyond that – we’re going to look at other things that have been happening to move this along – I have told you that a lot of things are going to happen between today and the weekend – we know that we are looking at the release of the toll free number p probably it will be the morning of the 9th but could be as early at the afternoon of the 8th which is Monday – I know the Chinese love the number 8 but they really do want this to go ASAP –

When it comes to security – we have a go ahead – from everyone – ATF was called in you guys know – probably by now – because of the dynamiting that was taking place in ATM machines throughout various banks of the country – and various places that were not banks also – but that is something that they are very intent on obviously and the currency section of the Secret Service was also brought in to check that situation –

ATF also kina yielded to DEA – Drug Enforcement Administration – and basically all of those are aware and trying to monitor the activity – ongoing and overall – most of the violence has calmed down quite a bit – and I think I was correct when I said when we do go in for our exchanges more than likely it will be primarily during daylight hours – out of there before dark – that should be the situation that we’re in –

Overall I can just tell you that everything seems to be moving finally in the direction that we want it to – we have been delayed – we have lost a few battles – but when I said that this is the last stand for the cabal – this is their last stand – that was true –

The only other thing that points to that is that as of this afternoon there were 9 countries still on the Swift System – Those countries need to be off of the Swift completely  and on to the Quantum Financial System – that is expected to occur between now and Saturday

Who are these countries? I can list some of them – North Korea – Iran – Cuba – Venezuela – Argentina – Ecuador – and 2-3 others – that are not quite lined up and that is why – when you come right down to it – that is why we have not gone – because the cabal uses the Swift System – to move money around – and after that goes away  – they will not have access to it – or to the funds – that is a very positive thing – that is being handled now –

There is still continuing clean up coming in especially with Sun trust Bank  – and I have some specifics on that I won’t bring – but there is going to be a plan for BB&T who is merging with Sun Trust – the announcement should take place – I believe on the 15th – so we will look for that –

Otherwise – our Gold backed dollar the USN – should also – I don’t know how much it is going to be public until we get new currency and start but I would think that – what is happening is  the Chinese Renimbi – which is the trading currency for China and the Chinese Yuan  – which is the common version of that currency  – that is going to be announced as asset backed – we believe on the 15th of June – and we believe at the same time on the same day – our USN should also be made known

Whether we get a big announcement to the public – I am not sure – it could be just the financial community – it could just be to traders – hedge fund operators – obviously the banking system – everybody in the financial community should know about our USN on the 15th because we are not going to be outdone by China regarding a gold backed currency

We should be at that point basically DONE with our exchanges – Tier 5 will start on the 16th the so called Joe Public – those not paying attention – doing what we’re doing – paying attention to these updates

So I think that is basically everything I wanted to bring out tonight – the main thing is that we stay positive because we do think that this is finally it – we have a few days till Mon / Tues – Have a great weekend –