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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 7-28-20


Intel Begins: 1:04:24

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday July 28th  and you’re listening to The Big Call – We’re trying to get all our energy up and get it all together here and welcome regardless where you’re listening from all over this globe thanks for tuning in –

Well guys, let’s bring out a little intel – we always do that last – save the intel for last – and I want to bring out some things that have been happening since our last call on Thursday – there is always that 5 day gap – and we usually get a few significant things that happen – and then sometimes we get things that I forget – and then we get some intel in the last day or so –

This has been a little bit light in the last couple of days – However – I am going to string together a few things for you to consider –

Alright – lets first just talk briefly about Iraq – Now you realize that we have basically held the puppet strings for Iraq for years – I hate to say it that way – it sounds rude but I know that Iraq has been responsive to the request of the US government and specifically to the Trump Administration –

We have a very good relationship overall with Iraq and there was something that was mentioned that I saw on a video clip today – it was interesting – because I saw it as something that was taken by an ABC reporter and this was a question to President Trump – I don’t know the background of it – but think it was fairly recent –

The President was asked about the facilities we built in Iraq – we built several bases there – I think 6 – maybe more – but we built some really humongous bases – the one in the green zone up north – there was supposedly one of the runways 15,000 feet long – and that seems a little excessive for the heavys 747’s and the airbus 320 – heavy large planes –  those types of aircraft don’t require much more than 7,000 feet to land on and some runways are in excess of 7,000 or 10,000 feet and this one was 15,000 – so it’s set up to probably land and take off in both directions I would think and that would work –

Remember this is “military” aircraft – primarily – coming in and out – the comment was President Trump said that to this reporter that we would be paid back by Iraq for the infrastructure there that we have built – and when the reporter asked how was that going to happen – President Trump said we have (and I believe this was the number)  25 billion dollars of their currency – meaning new Iraqi dinar – he put it as 25 billion – that may be an accurate number – or it may be more than that but the point was – it would easily suffice to pay the cost of the infrastructure that we built in Iraq –

Of course the point was – we have that in our treasury – that amount of dinar or more – my personal feeling is it is “more” – but that would easily cover that investment that we made in terms of – not the men’s lives that we lost of course – there is no amount of money that will pay for that – but the fact that we built what we built there –

What’s really cool is that he mentioned that we have 25 billion dollars of their money – that is just a hint to us who understand what that means – now here’s the other thing – remember the people that were bad guys – arrested – about to do exchanges or in the middle of an exchange – dinar / dong / etc – do you realize that when these people who were arrested – weren’t good people and they were going to do nefarious things with the money – do you realize that money was seized by our people and deposited in the US Treasury –

I have a feeling that we have quite a bit of currency and Zim in our Treasury – that will be exchangeable at some point – and redeemable when it’s Zim – at some point in time –

I have heard time and time again over the years that money was seized when certain people were arrested  – they were trying to do exchanges – some were coming in as specialties – VIP’s some were part of tier 3 blah blah blah  – so – it’s interesting to me – to try to realize how much of that foreign currency has been seized –

Now let’s cut to where the timing appears to be – we have heard from certain high up bank sources that are well elevated as part of the Wells Fargo crew – no no…not the right wording – negative – in other words – these are the high high high net worth individuals that are working in behalf of Wells Fargo – You know who I’m talking about –

So – these individuals are saying as early as  yesterday – we are looking really good and be ready for Tuesday or Wednesday –  well Tuesday is about over – so I don’t think we’re going to see anything for us in Tier 4B today – but maybe tomorrow is a different story – we’re just going to have to wait that out –

We are on – I would say – a day by day account right now – the information that I’ve received from one of our Forex people is pointing towards today/tomorrow or next week – Tuesday/Wednesday of next week

What happens in the 5 days in between? We’ve been told since the QF System has been in place that any particular day is as good as any other day – for a start – We know the bankers don’t typically go in on Sundays – some do – we know they work half days on Saturdays – I get that that – but the concept is that even if this doesn’t go tomorrow – could it go between tomorrow and next Tuesday/Wednesday?  I don’t think we can write off any particular day – there seems to be a push to get this done by the end of the month – which is Friday –

So – if we do that – we’ve made it!! We got it done within this month – I don’t know if that is going to be the case – it could be – there are things point to it happening kinda – like right away – and then we understand from some of the top group individuals that the groups that are based out west – are ready to go – once the last of the KYC (know your customer) information has been sent in – and that they have exactly an updated view of who everybody is within those groups – remember there are quite a few – there are 100 paymasters –  and an additional 20   – so that’s 120 paymasters – and that is beyond the core –  The core has 30 paymasters –

So my point is – there is more information evidently required  – once that info is brought in on the KYC on the individuals in those groups they should be ready to go –

Has that been something to hold us up a little bit? It could be – what about security?  You know – I told you on Thursday – that we had Federal Troops that had been Martialed – Martialized – or deputized as US Marshals to help in the cities around the country – we first stated with 24 and ended up being some 26 cities – Well as of two days ago – we’re down to 5 cities – they’ve done the work in 19 of the cities and there’s 5 to go – So that is moving along nicely –

Ultimately I believe that it is a question of security – Does DOD and Homeland Security – feel that we are ready to go  – and there may be a couple other agencies that obviously have to weigh in –

But once we get that nod that things are good and the green light is given that is when theoretically we should get our Tier 4 A and Tier 4B release of the toll free numbers – It will be the shotgun start that we’ve talked about – staggered slightly slow maybe – but not by much  maybe hours maybe a half day –

We don’t know – but I really believe we are that close to where we could go any day now – probably not start on Sunday … no ……But could we go between now and Friday – yes – does it have to flip over to next Tuesday/Wednesday – I don’t know that – I don’t see why – but we will see – we’ll keep an eye on it – I would say be ever vigilant –

What about the Military? The military started – they exchanged – this was months ago – they exchanged on the bases – it was dinar and afgahny – at the bases – because that is where they served –

Now many of the military bought the dong – and Zim – since that time –so they exchanged and were given SKR’s initially – and they also were not made liquid at the time but were made liquid starting last Saturday – a week ago – they started with liquidity – and they’ve been paid out on the Dong and Afgahny and 25% liquidity on Dinar – some of these guys had duffel bags full of dinar – and ended up being a lot – they will be paid out on the rest in the upcoming future –

Otherwise – so we know the military has been taken care of – we know that a lot of the SKR’s have been paid – we know that CMKX was to get started in the next day or so – we know that the Prosperity Packages started being delivered last Friday at 7 PM Eastern – and that the Prosperity Packages were going to go out – but that liquidity would not be available until the first week in august – so they are definitely staggering the payouts of some of these things –

The rest of the intermediate groups I don’t know where we stand on that but some of the intermediates may go at the same time as the tier 4A and tier 4B – it may be a shotgun start to that extent – we know there is pressure from China to get this thing done – every time we turn around – there is something about that – and I believe that is real – we do have that urgency to get it done –

I believe we are within days – but it is hard to say when – we don’t get it other than what I got – like I said yesterday about the timing of going today or tomorrow which today is too late – tomorrow is possible and then of course the Forex contact is talking about next Tuesday/Wednesday

So whenever it comes we will be vigilant – we’ll be ready – we will be there to get the numbers out and obvious sly the emails from Wells Fargo will be released at approximately the same time – that I get the number –

So all we can say is stay with your Plan A – embellish it if you need to – keep doing what you’re doing – I really think that over all  everything is moving through – we want to be in a good secure situation – which it is getting there and we definitely want the groups lined up and ready and fully vetted with their KYC information – and we want to be prepared before we go in to do our appointment exchanges and our Zim redemption – Everything is lined up – I don’t think we have too far to go – Thanks everyone for listening.