The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 8-11-20


Intel Begins: 1:05:30

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday August 11th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody –

Let’s be bold enough to tell you what’s going on from an intel perspective – This being Tuesday we did have a period of time between our Thursday night call and today and of course I received after Thursday night’s call a slug of information I wished I had for the Thursday night call itself – so a little bit of what I’m bringing tonight I already had as early as last Thursday night – so let’s just get into it – and see where it ends up tonight

One thing that came to me was the question of these various color dragon bonds – we had yellow bonds – white bonds – blue bonds – red bonds – and purple dragon bonds – five categories of color – and the first and most valuable were and are the yellow dragon bonds – they were actually processed first and they were done – by sometime Friday – I believe – they represent a value of approximately 1.26 Trillion Dollars each – so obviously extremely valuable  and when you have several of these – 10-20 of these and you have boxes and boxes of these – that turns into lots of money real fast – so picture that and then picture them paying those out and having those funds in the account where you can see them and then more than likely some type of pending message that would allow for those to be available in some cases that I know as early as tomorrow – Now when I say available – I mean liquidity – the availability of funds –

Now- then you have a situation where the black bonds were being hypothecated and so on and were processing through then we found out Saturday that we thought all of the bonds were completely done – they had NOT been – there was a stop and it was because there was a routing number that did not match up – did not really look like it was supposed to go where it needed to go and that put everything regarding the bonds on hold until they solved that problem and corrected that situation

Then they restarted Friday night at midnight and completed and I think they were doing these possibly together or one color group at a time – it’s kinda hard to say – but they started at midnight on Friday night – then another group on Saturday night – and all through the weekend and in to Monday – and my understanding is that all of the five bond categories plus the Zim bonds – not ours that we’re doing of course – but the other ones that are generally were in either Zim platforms – tabletop meetings – those larger quantities were completed – ALL bonds were completed TODAY by 2 PM Eastern –

What I heard last Thursday night was – after all of the bonds are completed then WE WILL BE GOING – and whereas the bonds looked like they were going to complete earlier in the weekend they actually finished today –

Now does that mean that we should be going maybe tomorrow? It could mean that – We know that the bond portion is done – we knew that there were quite a few servers that needed to be rebooted – reconnected –  and that was supposed to have been completed by Saturday afternoon – and I know there still some people in the northeast getting power turned back on – that could be important to have where our redemption centers are concerned – I am sure they got priority the banks tier 1 etc to get power restored – in the northeast – as a result of the hurricane  – all of that seems to be fine right now –

Now let’s talk a little about Iraq – Iraq has definitely revalued the currency – I know what the rate is – IN COUNTRY – that means in that country of Iraq – and it’s between $8.50 and $9.00 – I’ll just tell you that –

That doesn’t meant that is what we’re going to get here by the way – Our rate could be significantly higher – In fact – yesterday – when the ISX came on for the first part of the week  – our week – Monday – they – that’s the Iraq Stock Exchange –  they were trading but they shut it down after the first half hour of trading –

Why would they do that? The reason they did that was because during that time the Iraqi Dinar was also trading and going too high – Now they shut it down because they did not want the value of the dinar to exceed what their expectations were for it – my understanding was in that half hour of time the market was open the Dinar increased 50% in value –

So – I don’t know exactly where that puts us – I know roughly what I’ve heard – where we should be – but all I can say is regarding Dinar and Dong – specifically – I think you have absolutely nothing to worry about and it wouldn’t surprise me if both of those could be in double figures – now that would be a front screen look

So we don’t even worry about that – we’re moving on beyond that – and now let’s talk a little bit about the redemption itself – we know that we’re going in – we’re going to be getting a new NDA – they are working on those today –  recrafting a new NDA for Zim holders at about 3 ½ pages and the one for non Zim holders – regular currency holders – we’re looking for something in the vicinity of 1 ¾ – 2 ½ pages – not going to be super long – hopefully they are making it a little bit easier to understand and easier for us to work with –

Now – realize this – they will be treating Zim holders a little bit differently than they will with everybody with just Dong & Dinar – or rupiah or afghany the reason I say that is because the Zim holders as you know the value is going to be so great that we are going to be offered these structured payouts – I personally want it – I want it to happen and I’d like to make interest on that account for at least 25 years and maybe I can negotiate for longer –

The rate of interest that they are willing to pay as a Zim holder to keep it in that bank that you do your exchange in – your mother lode account – is what I call it – some call it master account – to keep that stable – that’s what the banks want – they do not want you taking a ton of money out and moving it around – I told you years ago I did not have any intention of really moving the mother lode account of money – I want to keep it there –

Well the bank is going to reward you for that and my understanding today was – and things do change as you know –  from one hour to the next – but earlier today the word was the banks will offer us up to 12% APR – interest on our Zim redemption funds –

Why would they go from 6 ½% to 9 ½% to 10% and now we’re talking around 12%? Well the reason they would want that is they would really like to give us incentive to keep those funds in those redemption banks – the tier 1 banks that we used in the redemption –

We know that the bank carries a different roll now than it did before with us – banks are working for us and with us because the funds will be digitized and that will manifest and show itself up at our bank through the bank screens – but they will essentially be held by the Quantum Financial System – through the blockchain technology used in QFS –

Now there is a connection between the Quantum Financial System and the Treasury where the physical assets  – gold precious metals – and other assets that are held by the treasury will essentially back that value of our currency and reflect that in our bank screens amounts that we see on screen –

Now I don’t know exactly how that works with the treasury mirroring the banks but I can tell you the roll of the banks will be different and I believe we will be able to work much more closely with the bank than we ever thought we could before – I am going to say that if we are bold when we come into the redemption center to do our redemption and exchange of currency  I believe that we should look at the 2-3-4 people across the desk from us as part of our team –

In other words – they would do well to embrace us and try to do their best to win us as clients / customers and keep us – you know retain customers – customer retention is going to be very important for the banks – because the longer they can keep that money essentially with them the more they will have a chance to work with investments and trading and so on they can make money off of our money – which is what a bank does –

I have no problem with that – I look for the bank to help us in almost more of a fiduciary responsibility and I think that is primarily because – for example – the home office – a family office opportunity should very much be a part of our team –  moving forward – based on what they offer and what they have as far as a concierge service for us we are going to be very interested in seeing what the family office situation would  look like – whether with Wells Fargo – HSBC – Chase – or any of the other tier 1 banks –

I think this is going to be a major learning experience for us obviously when we go in and do this and how we come out and what information we gather in the first few weeks is going to be very valuable for us – so what I would say is –because those bonds have been completed – I believe that we are very close and some people already have the concept of tomorrow or Thursday – I think that is very possible – I think I’m safe with saying that even though it’s not my goal or my job to try to “call it” – I’m not doing that – I am basically giving you what I am given – ok – this is just me passing on the information that I am hearing

So beyond what is happening there – we know that Irag is coming with Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi and 6-8 people to the United States and they are supposed to meet with Trump and declare their sovereignty in public somewhere around the 20th of this month – I do see us going and having this done and well done before they come and make that appearance and make the announcement –

There may have to be a couple other things that need to be accomplished – President Trump did quite a few of them on Saturday with the executive order – extension of unemployment at $400 a week – just everything he talked about Saturday – he has moved it forward – and I think we are going to be getting more information and possibly another announcement or two tomorrow – so things are moving in the right direction and we’ve got things we can check off the list as accomplished –

But what we really need obviously is the roll out of these 800 #’s and the emails from Wells Fargo Servers which could – at least I have one time frame for them – at around noon Eastern tomorrow – that would allow for all the banks to be open all across the country 9 on the west coast and 12 on the east coast – that would help us A LOT in moving this thing forward –

We know today they were testing the QF System which allows for Bank wires / monetary transfer – within the state – they were working on those this morning early morning – 2 pm  – as a form of “practice” – testing the system to make sure there were no glitches – my understanding is that went well –  and after a break of an hour they started on transfers that would cross state lines – cross border transfers – still domestic – still inside the US –

These transfers now – have a time where they should complete in 25-30 seconds – now you remember if you have done any bank wires how long it would take for those to be accessible – to the receiving party – as long as  8-10 days sometimes –  because the banks were trading on our money – and making money on our money –  that is gone –

Middle man is gone – in the Quantum Financial System – it’s sending bank to receiving bank all within 25-30 seconds on a domestic transfer and they have even used the term ledger to ledger transfer –

International transfers we’re still looking at under a minute – that is 24 x 7 x 365 –  any time any day – boom – as long as you can initiate it can be received very very quickly – I believe the system is without fail  so that is a very good thing for us – because we are going to be interested in the security of our funds – we still want to diversify – somewhat – they will still see every transaction that is done – and I don’t think there’s any  — let’s put it this way – the value of those accounts is nothing like it used to be 20-30 years – so everything is above board – transparent – banks are our friends –  let’s see how that comes together for us – it’s going to be a situation where hopefully we come out of the redemption center shaking our head with a smile on our face – knowing we have entered a new paradigm – this is a new way to bank and a new way to live for us –