The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 8-25-20


Intel Begins: 49:42

Call Transcribed by WiserNow Emailed to Recaps

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday August 25th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – Glad everybody could make it in again – we’re looking forward to having a nice quick call tonight because I know many people are wanting to watch the convention tonight –

Guys, this is it – we are close – if you listened to Sue and where she was in her segment she was saying we could be there in a few days – and we really should be – I’ve seen different things I’ve listened to various people – I’ve got certain people that I go to as my main intel source – so on and so forth – so this is no different – but what we’ve got today is showing  the number of groups we have are in a state of flow  – meaning – the groups that are considered the Admiral’s group – the tier 4A – the tier 3 – the SKR’s –  all of those accounts are being funded –

In other words just figure it as a lot of little rain drop buckets representing each of the people in these groups each of the SKR’s and tier 3  and so on  – they are all collecting the rain  which is the blessing – they are filling up – the paymasters are overseeing this – checked and vetted and audited as they are going in to make sure that they are going into the right place – with the right people – that they are being vetted for the last time – they have been tested –

The QFS has been beta tested –  it actually – what’s so cool about it is and the reason we love it is that it can’t be hacked – and the reason is that every time a transaction with QFS there’s a quantum signature that is put on each transaction – it cannot be duplicated – it cannot be hacked into – it’s like it’s a physical signature that takes place under the QFS –

The other thing I think is interesting about it is – we’ve got the coming of  our gold standard money –  the USN –  and the USTN – is what we call the US Treasury Notes – that currency backed by precious metals – predominantly gold – silver and other precious metals and other assets – referred to as asset backed – instead of “gold backed” –

That currency that we are going to have now  – the new returned to gold backed dollar called USN –United States New – is what that stands for – and sometimes we use USTN – United States Treasury Note – but the point is – every transaction that is made when these funds go in digitally into the various accounts of the team members of the group members of the Paymasters in those groups they create a specific signature – and what is beautiful about that is those funds are being place now into those group categories –

Depending on the bank it really doesn’t matter whatever bank it is they are going in there – now when they go in there and the people have account information – let’s say you are a member of a particular group – you have the acct information – and that comes to you – you will be able to access the accounts but the account will probably have a hold on it until when – hold meaning that liquidity they would have access to is NOT available yet – for them to tap into –

So – here’s what’s happening that is being put into place on all these different groups tiers 1 2 3 intermediates – 4A a d what triggers it for accessibility – is the tier 4B receipt of our numbers – and when we start setting our appointments – and I believe when the first redemption of appointment is attended by a tier 4A internet group member like one of us –  when that first appointment is achieved  – my understanding is that is when total liquidity is available for all previous groups and that we essentially triggered it with setting of our appointments and going in to our appointment and getting our redemption of Zim and exchanges of currency initiated – that will initiate the liquidity move and the hold on those various accounts – these members can see them – those holds will come off and they will have access to their funds –

That represents what is called a shot gun start and the shotgun start is going to be the access to funds that we trigger by pulling that trigger of that shotgun – just like in a shotgun start scramble golf tournament where everybody is on a different hole 1-18 with a group of 4 – and when that shotgun goes off and they do use a start pistol actually –  when the shotgun goes off everybody starts playing from the hole they are on  at the same time – and that is where the term shotgun start comes from – ok – at least in my mind – it is very exciting – there is not too much else other than  I’ll tell you from some bank sources that we like very very much – they’re looking at tier 4B and that is us – the internet group –  to get started as early as tomorrow – (Wednesday)

There are other people that are looking very hard at Thursday – for us to get started and I think that is cool either way – and then as far as going in – setting our appointments and going in it could be Thursday or Friday – I am going to say right now from Wednesday to Friday is prime time – That is really looking good

Could it slip to Saturday? It is possible yes – could go  but I believe it is to start this week – I believe that is what most people believe and that is kinda where I am too but I am going to give us a 3 day window –  to start any of those days – Thurs or Friday – I believe those are the most likely –

Now when we go to when the Tier 5 which is the John Q Public – start is still scheduled for the 8th of September which is Tuesday or the 9th – Whenever that is and the Public starts – back us off from that 10-12 days we should be starting this week to give us adequate time at the redemption centers before the rates changed – the back screen rates are gone and the tier 5 is able to go in

We know the Iraqi Dinar is supposed to be showing internationally with the new rate when the public starts but it could start a little bit before – we heard today of next Tuesday – a week from tonight – that could be when it shows up internationally – obviously we are going to have a rate on the front and back screen – for Dinar and Dong and certainly the Zim is going to be there so that we can redeem at rates we talked about before –

I don’t want to go into that but you know roughly where you can be and some of this stuff is really wild – because the redemption center that we call – when we call the call center – remember there’s 6 regional call centers throughout the US and there are still what amounts to 10,000 redemption centers – in the US – quite a few –  some in Canada as well –  but when we call to set those appointments we will get routed directly for most of us –  to the redemption center nearest to the zip code we give them when we are asked which one we want to use – maybe where you live – where you work – or where you might think one to be –

As long as I have been in this I still don’t know exactly where the redemption center is where I would go – I have an idea but don’t know – I am going to suggest we use that system like it is designed to do – it is designed so we can make that call securely – my understanding is we do not tell them how much Zim we have but just that we have as our first currency – and then if we have other currency we tell them about that as well

We should get routed and ideally when we get switched over to that redemption center we’re going to connect with the person who may be the person who will be working with us on our actual redemption and exchange – That is the understanding I have – it may not be that way everywhere across the country – and this is especially for Zim holders – I think they want to create that connection with you personally from the first call all the way to when you walk out of the redemption center –

There’s not too much else that I can tell you about that I haven’t mentioned already over the last 8 ½ years on the Big Call – We are in good shape – to let everything go – I think this should be our week – trying not to call it – I think everything is pointing towards it – and I’m just giving you what I’ve got – I’m giving you the same thing I get and that is looking very strong for Wednesday – Thursday – or Friday of this week.