The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 9-10-20


Intel Begins: 1:00:40

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Hello Everybody – Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Thursday September 10th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everyone –

Let’s look at where we are on the intel front tonight – boy things were looking a little slow yesterday and today – we had a little information that came in yesterday – that came in after Tuesday’s call – which that usually happens Tuesday night – sometimes Wednesday – and then it got a little slow today – but we were able to get a surge of information that came in about 5 hours ago – that’s good –

So – here’s where we are – I try to let you know basically what I’m hearing and where I think we are as a result of gleaning the information trying to figure out what it means to us and where we actually are –

Let’s go back and talk about – first of all – President Trump was nominated yesterday for a Nobel Peace Prize for peace between United Arab Emirates and Israel which was huge – and now we have maybe 1 or 2 or more other countries that are going to come to the party and subscribe to that peace agreement for their nation and it could be the kind of peace accord that actually lasts and takes all of the Middle East and puts them in a unified state of peace going forward

I think the formal signing – if I remember it right – for that peace agreement – is going to be Tuesday Sept 15th – and that could be an important date for us – we’ll see how it comes together – I think that will be good

Some people have said the President needs to be out of the country or removed while the RV is taking place – while the GCR is taking place and so on – it’s not true – it’s a mis truth – that has come out through the cabal – I never bought it – and you’re not supposed to buy it now – it’s not going to happen –

This is where we are – in terms of our timing – first of all – we did have a slight hold up – it might have been a 24 hour hold up – depending on how we look at it – here’s what happened – remember we talked about the QFS and the Real Time Gross Settlements – the system is tied to the Block chain technology – and in the quantum system it allows for banks to wire funds all over the globe – under 40 seconds – globally – here in the US it is 25-30 seconds – using that system –

Well guess what?  Just when we thought we were completely off of the SWIFT System –  We are NOT off the Swift yet – it is still in use – or able to be used – for the remainder of this month  –

Why would they allow that system to run parallel to the QFS? Why would they let that happen? To catch the bad guys – that is exactly what they did today – This is why we were held up – there were certain entities (cabal) that were trying to fund the Democratic National Committee and Campaigns with wires using the SWIFT system globally and they tried to overheat the SWIFT System – literally over run it – with too many wires – so that in their minds they could not be trapped – fortunately for us that back fired –

They were able today because these started at 12:06 AM Eastern Day Light Time – all the way up to about 5 PM this afternoon – these wires were taking place – and they stopped the wire – they seized the funds – they have a number of “clean up” if you know what I mean to go with those individuals – this was global not just here – that is a very positive result that has occurred as a result of that – (hold please)

I just got a little intel update – and will bring it in just a moment – so – here’s what happened – the fact that SWIFT system was being used  to do just what they wanted to catch more bad guys – they did it – and it happened today – so I was unsure how well that would work with that system but it worked beautifully – so all of that – we are talking 3,210 is a rough number that I have that were seized and stopped for doing what they were doing – and that money is seized and goes straight through our US Treasury – so good for us –

Now – here’s the other piece – we know that the Native American Tribes in the case of the Crow Indians in Montana – they have funds in the account – they were supposed to be ready to have access to them today – they actually because the Crow were told and this is a leader we’re talking about – for that Nation – on that reservation – at the bank at the reservation – they could see the funds in the account – but not able to get access to them until the remaining Native American – Tribes we made liquid – and that was supposed to happen the rest of today – to pay out the remaining Tribes – we heard that was the case with the other tribes – we got another report from someone pretty high up in ? Nation that they would receive their funds tomorrow – and this was a pretty big hunk of change – very nice – it is not the total they are going to get but it is what we would call much more than walking around money – that is supposed to occur tomorrow – for those Native American Tribes and I believe that’s a really good sign when I heard what was happening with them – I said – this is showing the kind of movement that we need to see

We know that the CMKX at least some if not all packages were supposed to start paying out 2:30 in the afternoon today – we heard that some had started to pay out last Saturday – but I cannot verify that – but we know they are supposed to start paying out – I guess it was yesterday at 2:30 – so that is a positive situation –

The other thing is we are hearing that there was a call from President Trump to the leader of the groups out west and that call went very well I believe because Trump is very much looking forward to this being over and getting it out and my latest information is saying that the groups out west – the upper groups – should be started 22 minutes after midnight tonight – and that’s Eastern time I believe – let’s call it 12:30 am Eastern – They should be beginning to pay out those groups finally –

What does it mean for us – in tier 4B – where do we stand now – I believe that – yes – I believe that President Trump wanted this to release on – at least for some groups – may not be us – but some groups to be released on 9/11 –

I believe we’re going to see that – I don’t know if we will hear about it – but I believe that is going to occur – overnight tonight – and I believe that it puts us in tier 4B  in a situation to look very strongly toward this coming Tuesday for us – Maybe numbers on Monday afternoon (800 #) – evening is possible – I hope that is how it happens – that we get the numbers the day before our appointments start – but we’ll see how that happens – it may not be that way but it should be according to everything else by or on Tuesday the 15th

Tuesday is going to be a big day for us – what does this do to the public – the tier 5 – the public start has been pushed to Oct 1st –  that means we’ll have at least 2 full weeks to do our exchanges – not that we need 2 weeks to do our Zim and to get in with our currencies and do the exchanges but that way the rates can stay up for us and we also can go back if we need to – they don’t want us to – but if we need to go back in for a second appointment we can do that with wealth managers that won’t be tied up with other things when the public starts –

So – we’ve got a very positive piece of information moving forward starting tonight – late late late tonight – of this moving forward with the groups over night tonight they are going to start paying those out and they will pay them what is called “healing funds” – or travel funds – to the tune of about $100,000 or up to – per account – it’s obviously not the big money but something they can have so the economy does not over heat –

We know there is traffic going in and out of Reno – we know that there are things happening with the Zim Platforms in different parts of our country and the world and get those platform groups ready in like next Tuesday or Wednesday – for the Zim – so I think we are in pretty good shape –

Yes I wish we would start tomorrow – I don’t see that right now based on my intel – I thought that it might be the case that we would get started on 9/11 but it seems the Admirals group will get started on 9/11 and we will follow them looks like Tuesday right now –

That is the over and under what we’re looking at – so our Native American Tribe has been taken care of  we believe tomorrow and we should have liquidity taking place in some of the groups – overnight tonight – and also probably – probably some of the tier 3 SKR’s to be hydrated to the same extent

So we’re moving along – it’s coming – The SWIFT system worked to catch some bad guys – everything is like it should be –  President Trump was I think pretty adamant about getting this thing started in some form or fashion  for the groups tomorrow – and it looks like that is going to happen tonight after midnight tonight – that’s really what I wanted to tell you and about everything that I had planned to bring tonight – we did get that little bit of juice of intel right in the middle here – and I think it’s very meaningful – it shows movement and things starting shortly after midnight tonight –

Remember the emails are supposed to come out with the toll free number from Wells Fargo – should have the same number that I’m getting – Thanks everyone for listening.