The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 9-15-20


Intel Begins: 1:07:30

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Hello Everybody – Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Tuesday September 15th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everyone –

We’ve got some things that we can bring that may be helpful for everybody – I am going to try to remember everything I want to give you tonight  So let’s start off with where are we ???? Where the heck are we?? Laughing – We are waiting

A friend of mine gave me an analogy today that I could use if I wanted – and I like it – this is like being I a tournament – and everyone has a tee time in a golf tournament – you can hit on the practice range – you can hit some putts on the putting practice green – but you cannot tee off until it is your time to tee off –

That is where we are – we are practicing on the putting green – hitting some balls on the driving range – we are getting warmed up  – working on our projects – fine tuning what it is we’re doing – gathering intel – all of that –  until our tee time is called – and it is our time to go and exchange – That’s about what it’s like  – and we have to stay lose – and relaxed – confident – calm – be patient – until it’s our time to step up to the first tee – So take that analogy and see what applies and I think it applies to us – I like it –

Now – when is our tee time?? When are we going to do our exchange? I can tell you this – we were looking for something to happen for us as soon as today – from a major bank – it did not come through for us today but we do know some things are happening  and definitely happening behind the scenes that we can sort of talk about –

So here’s the thing – we know that the Native Americans are partially paid last week – what I call walking around money –  $50,000 each and they were to get a larger amount today – my understanding is – the confirmation I received was they received the larger amount which was  in the hundreds of millions of dollars – yesterday we got a confirmation  – the that it had occurred  – so we believe based on what we have the Native Americans have been taken care of and there was an issue with that – there was a contract issue where they were not properly – whoever was working with those tribes thought that one or two could handle the payouts to each of those tribes which was not in the contracts – Contracts spelled it out differently and had to go back and readjust and do a lot of things to make sure they had everyone accounted for that was part of that process before they could be paid out – That could have slowed us down

I understood it was a month or more it could have slowed us down that much – it is all done now –  its behind us and we’re moving forward and now we are in a situation where we have the Core group – which is sort of one of the admirals group – sort of part from 4A – I consider it more a part of tier 4A – and that is supposed to go very quickly & very soon – we thought was going to happen overnight last night or today –  did not happen – but we know that there is a lot of activity going on out west – right now –  there is a lot of stuff happening –

So – maybe – we were told we were looking good for today and we were also told consider Wednesday – Thursday and Friday – and possibly into the weekend –

We had one of the individuals that works for a major bank said he was positive that this was going to go – sometime this week but we didn’t have a specific date – that’s ok – they don’t want us to know when – they don’t even want the bankers to know – so they are sort of out there in the dark just like we are sometime –

We know the redemption staff went home around noon today at least in some parts of the country and that’s ok that means it wasn’t going to happen today for us –

Now we believe that the other thing that is a factor in this is that 2 other things right now –  one –  no dinar rate up on the screen today or this morning – I don’t know why  that is – but obviously needs to be on the screens – for us to move forward – that is one issue – the other issue is – you know what I mean clean up on isle 3 – I think you understand that terminology – we’ve got about 53 situations that need to be cleaned up on isle 3 – that means individuals – that also was something that probably moved us off of today and moving us forward –  whether it’s tomorrow or Thursday or Friday –  whatever – it is probably moving us in that direction – taking care of those individuals –

Now – other than that and that is in a fluid state – you know – we are just going to have to see when it’s going to be our turn to tee off –

Now the other point – I want to do a disclaimer – Bruce is not an attorney – does not play one on TV or the Big Call – but I can give you some information that I’ve received that I think is important for us to look into individually from a legal point of view – so this means you can do this with your attorney – legal adviser – on your own – but this is some information I got and putting into effect for myself – and that is – we are going to have a non disclosure agreement when we do our exchange and zim redemption –

That non disclosure could be as short as 30 days or it could go as long as 120 days – (4months) or possibly 6 months – So how are they going to determine that?  A lot of that is going to be determined by how sharp they think you are – Do you have it together?? Do you have confidence? Are you fairly intelligent about this entire process? If you are and you come across really sharp your NDA will be shorter – If you are a little scattered – laughing – nervous  you end up getting a longer NDA process

Now let’s talk a little bit about – we don’t know exactly what’s in the NDA – we know we are not going to be talking about rates – or interest rates – length of term for structured payout – all of these things that are personal part of your own individual exchanging – are not to be shared – you are to shut the front door and keep it closed –

Further to that – I was given the advice to use what would be called an addendum – to your own NDA – you write out – type out and print out this addendum – this would have a list of y our primary contacts – if you are doing projects and so on – primary contacts are people that you might need to talk with or share some information with after the exchange –

Primary contacts would be your close family members – and any one else that you need to share information – not the “specifics” I just mentioned not rates – etc –  but general information – because in some cases people that ae doing sort of VIP exchanges even now – as we speak are held to complete secrecy  and privacy for at least 15 days – They are not supposed to talk to anyone –  so to be able to overcome that – by having your own addendum as a typed out list – I would just use cursory language like – these primary contacts are people that should be exempted from my NDA – something very simple and list their names

You could put if you want their relationship to you – especially if family – you could bring that a couple copies –  when it is time to talk about the NDA you could add this addendum to it – my understanding is it is allowed –

Now beyond that we know that there is some difference of opinion as to how we’re going to be notified – we understand that there is a safe link website system – that may be  used to get information from you that will be  used to verify as to who you are –  we also know that the people get the toll free number and use it will do some of that verification process either on the phone or when they get to their appointment – as part of the KYC – know your customer information –

So my understanding is maybe both ways to actually set your appointment at the redemption center – maybe using the safelink website system and it may include using the toll free number that we’ve talked about – we know there are at least 527,000 emails on the Wells Fargo servers – my understanding – it would give you in that email the toll free 800 number – if it doesn’t and gives you a safelink website to use then you’ll go that way – and find that out –

My understanding from people as recently as the last couple of weeks this is where we get our toll free number – in addition to when I get the number – I’ll put it out on our website Big Call

So that is just a couple of little things I wanted to bring to you to make you aware of how this thing is going – My understanding is once that Core Group is paid out by the paymasters that we are next to receive our emails pretty soon – I don’t think there is any long wait or thing that has to take place between the Core Group and our notification –

That is really what I wanted to bring – I don’t know why there’s no dinar rate on the screen today – obviously we need to have it – let’s tell you another thing too – anyone that’s been gifted Zim – needs to use the toll free number to get in and set appointment – just like all of us are doing that purchased our currency – were not gifted –

Here’s the thing – let’s say we do get started this week – we will go through to the end of this month with our exchanges and yes they do want the Zim in there in the first 4-5 days – but what about John Q Public? What about tier 5? Some people believe they are out of the loop on this – I will tell you this much – the rates will change dramatically especially on the Zim and the other currencies as well – they will come down to new rates that will be on the screens – the back screen rates are gone – if you’re the public that has not kept up with this – if you find out and go in after Oct 1  which is when the public is supposed to go –  when you do that you will only receive a little over $600 for a 100T note –

So in other words the true value of the zim bond will not be what it is when we go – which will be vastly huge – so if you have gifted someone you need to keep up with them and bring them up to speed – or you have done them a dis service

The other currencies in my opinion will be exchangeable – but at a lower everyday – international rate – the rates that we are supposed to have on Dinar Dong etc will be higher for us for a period of time as tier 4B