The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 9-22-20


Intel Begins: 1:02:55

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Hello Everybody – Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Tuesday September 22nd and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everyone – I’m excited to get this call going  and we will have a good call tonight –

Let’s do a little intel and bring everybody as up to speed as we can – I did learn something new today that I didn’t know and I thought I should have known it but it came across as new to me –

There are meetings happening in the White House at 11 am and 11 pm every day – That is interesting to me because this is a (notice they are 12 hrs apart) way to monitor the progress of the “process” – See something that needs to be done –tweak the process – in other words it’s a way for them to keep up with everything that’s going on globally – in this process – and I am encouraged by that – it tells us that they are on it – basically 24 x 7 –

This is going to be the most amazing change in the way the financial system is working for us primarily I am going to say – due to the QF System – all the technology that’s there – the satellites that went up to support it – are still there – I mean – this is a huge change – using technology to correct a lot of wrong things that have been in the system and have been perpetrated by the cabal – for as far back as we can remember –

I have learned some new things about this whole plan – which I think is fascinating – and where we are is I am going to say – very – very close because we heard today from several sources that we were expecting it to go today for us – tier 4B – internet group – but it wasn’t to be – at least not yet – it’s amazing because I was prepared to receive it today but at the same time we know that certain things have already happened – certain things with the System have already moved forward – and no unfortunately the loss of R B Ginsberg – as Supreme Court Justice  had nothing to do with the delay – was not true

This is something that is moving forward with – I’m going to tell you something that I believe is important – we know that we’ve got groups that are based out west – we all know about that – we also know that we are looking for a new gold backed United States treasury Note (USN) – which needs to surface – in other words the gold backed dollar needs to be acknowledged at least throughout the financial system as the new dollar before the groups that are based out west are paid –

Here’s the scenario – that is contractually put together with the leader of the groups – that gold backed USN – the new gold backed currency for the United States is in place – we know all the transactions are digital – we know they can make a digital change over from USD to USN with just a few key strokes – I may be exaggerating but I think it’s something they obviously know how to do – but the transactions that will be taking place will affect the currency in USN

Now – when will the new currency that we are looking for be available – to us they have already printed up sheets and sheets and sheets and sheets of 100 dollar bills 50 dollar bills and 20 dollar bills – they have them in spades –

Those monies – have already been delivered to the redemption centers – on pallets – they are in the vaults but they’re also in the redemption center rooms and they have been delivered bookoo amounts of the new currency – and they have packaged the 100’s 50’s and 20’s like this: 50 /100 dollar bills = ($5,000)   50/50 dollar bills = ($2,500)  and 50/20 dollar bills = ($1,000)

So those are pre packed in those amounts for us – remember we’ve heard that we could max out at $14000 cash at the redemption center should we ask for some cash – do we want some ash? Maybe – this is the new money – the US Treasury Note – USTN – they have them pre packed – so boom boom – there’s a lot of it and it may be that we are not limited to just $14,000 – we will see – I don’t know of anybody that really needs to take much more than that – or that much in cash money – because we are going to have credit cards – debit cards – tied to our accounts – if we choose – I personally do not want a debit card tied to any large account – for security purposes – however – those monies are there in a big way – that is a very good thing –

Now – what about when that currency is going to be in the teller drawer at the banks?  We believe the new currency – the USTN will be in the teller drawers starting Oct 1st – give or take – that is the day that we believe the public will start –

Today is the 22nd  we better get moving huh – They may push that date back to the 5th of Oct – which is the full week – the first full week of Monday through for the banks to operate and take on tier 5 – the public – that could be when it actually begins for the public – which means we may have more than the end of the month to go to at the redemption center – we may not need it – you know they want the Zim in  in 4-5 days – most of it 85 – 90 – 95 % they want in and I think they can get it in – certain areas like Florida has the largest number of Zim holders in the country –

I think I told you 3300 was the approximate number – that’s a lot  – Florida is going to be busy – and I think the people that live there are amazing we have a lot of listeners of the Big Call in Florida –  quite a few out of Texas – California –

So where is this – we did not go today – I’ve heard from 5 different sources today – and I’m not calling it – however – I’m hearing very good things about tomorrow – wouldn’t be right for me to try to call it – I’m just going to say – I like what I’m hearing about tomorrow –

You know when you get down and you’re pretty much at the end of the ride – you pull in on that roller coaster and it slowly  comes up to a stop and all of a sudden – automatically – that bar goes from where you’re grabbing on to it – to where it pulls back up so you can get out – I believe the bar is just about ready to be raised – I believe this is where we are – We need that USN to be live and available before the groups move forward with being paid –

Could this happen tonight? Late or overnight?  Maybe – I believe it could – If that happens tonight late – or overnight – I think we’re lined up for success –  I think we’re almost home –