The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 10-1-20


Intel Begins: 1:11:22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Hello Everybody – Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Thursday October 1st  that’s right – first  day of October – start of the new fiscal year and it is significant for us – and you’ll find out in the intel segment a little bit later –  Thanks everybody for tuning in again – thrilled to have you back and we’re looking forward to having a great call tonight – Going to slow things down a bit tonight and not rush through the call like we did on Tuesday  so we could get to listen to the debate –

What we’re hearing is very encouraging and yes today is the first day of the new fiscal year – first day of the 4th quarter of the calendar year and it is the first day where we have the Quantum Financial System completely autonomous  apart from the SWIFT System – which was kept running parallel and essentially as a part of the QFS –

They wanted to run that through the end of the month which was up until midnight last night – I understand from my banking sources today that the QFS was fine and functioning perfectly today and it was in fact up and running and fully operational – that is what we were looking to hear –

We also heard that at 12:01in the morning Eastern time – things were supposed to kick off – if you will – and release for the blessing – in whatever form it was to release in –

Well we understood later in the day that it did kick off – but not at 12:01 – it was closer to 3 in the morning when everything started getting underway –

What happened is – the information that we’re hearing … let’s talk about it first in terms of Iraq – Now – Iraq yesterday morning – early – was to put out their new international rate on the Iraqi Dinar – We got that information yesterday that it yes in fact had happened –  that was out –  we thought it would happen right after morning prayer – first morning prayers –  and that evidently was in fact  the case –

Now we also heard there was an international rate established that even in country – in the country of Iraq – was even a little higher than what Shabibi predicted the Dinar could support in US dollars  – so that was encouraging

Then we also heard that the IMF and United Nations both encouraged Iraq to go ahead and celebrate their new revalued Dinar on Saturday – this coming Saturday – that’s in 2 days –  so they will start and celebrate in some form or fashion over there – remembering that their holy day is Friday – so Saturday would be the next day they could celebrate –  this is a very positive thing

So we understand that rate is known internationally – however – we tend not to bring something from Iraq that’s known in Iraq or Middle East or internationally here to the United States until we are ready to go – and that is probably the situation now –

So…… we know this ….. we know – like I said the bankers were saying that the QF System was fully functional and operational – we know that today and tomorrow are 2 separate 1 day holidays in China – and we understand their markets are closed – today – Thursday and Friday –  one is sort of a Harvest Day –  the other day I am not sure –  normally they do not occur back to back –  that is interesting –

What really is cool – is that we did catch some information about redemption centers staffing – they were off today –  and tomorrow – so that lends us to believe that tier 4B at least will not be getting started today or tomorrow – I believe that’s the case and I think I know why –  we will come back to that in a minute –

What did happen as far as we know is that – … and remember this is a slow roll out – this is not something that you flip a switch and everybody gets paid –  that is not how it’s working – So far ….. small groups – individuals –  privates that are going in  doing exchanging  still doing it now – even today and yesterday – they are getting what is called pocket money –  walking around money –

Some of this money use to be called emergency funds – healing funds – travel funds – it’s really “walking around money” – Now it’s more than you would put in your pocket – so it’s not pocket money – but it amounts to a low $50,000 amount maybe between $50,000 and $150,000 – more than pocket change – its walking around money but it is not the BIG Money – it is not the “mother lode” – it’s not getting access to millions or billions of dollars –

So what has happened – these people and I know of 5 situations – 4 in groups and 1 individual –  that’s been paid this walking around money – and they’ve been told to come back on a certain date and they would be able to have  greater access to those funds – maybe not the entire mother lode but much much more access to the funds

People that are doing these exchanges now – and there are some that are happening – they are not being SKR’d – Safe Keeping Receipts –  but they are getting more than walking around money and also In my opinion – they are getting an account they can see the balance but do not have access but to only so much –

In other words there is a hold on the larger balance  but they do have access to what we’re calling  walk around money  of $50,000 – $150,000 –  and that has been the rule of thumb for many of these small groups – some are called whales –  some are just private –  not whales or close to being whales –  they are just people brought in at the right time / right place – that kind of thing –

So what is happening now besides that – is that as a result of today –  being the first day of the new fiscal  year we’re looking for the hydration of some major accounts and the start of the core group and what we’re terming tier 4A

We know that out west the leader out west has been congratulated – we know they are getting ready to start paying out and there are 27 different groups that would be constituted under the Admiral or other individuals based out west – and we also know there are a number of adjudicated settlements that need to be paid out –

Now – what’s happening is that was supposed to start today and may have in fact started already in those notifications – when I say notifications – picture this  – a notification comes to you  by email or phone call –  that says ok – your account with such and such bank  has funds available for  your immediate use –  When they are notified like that – and that is not what the notification will say – that is MY verbiage of what it could say – something similar to that –

When they get those notifications the theory is that when they do get access to that account – they usually have to go to the bank to get access – to some extent – like the walking around money – to a smaller extent – not the full mother lode –  even for those groups – or individuals –  I don’t believe the  Treasury wants all that liquidity to be released all at once –

They won’t let that happen –  that is why everything from tier 1 tier 2 – tier 3 and now let’s call it 4A – that is about to get started – if not already – they will get walking around money   and then a little bit later – what’s going to happen  … here is the re – definition  of the shotgun start – are you ready – here is the redefinition of it —- the shotgun start will essentially mean when we go into the redemption centers and we get access to our funds – which should be 100% of our currency exchanged – not the Zim – that is a Zim bond redemption – but if you have currency Dinar Dong Rupiah – etc – you should get access to  the exchange amount in US dollars that same day –

The Zim is a different Animal as you know- because of the high value – it will be leached out  in amounts – ok – so much – and that is why we called you about the first 90 days – how much will you need for the first 90 days –  and remember we told you you would be able to access up to  — if you are a zim holder up to 500 million dollars  – in the first  90 days

Now – here’s the point – this is going to roll out for these various groups with individual notification to the group’s members and subsequent availability of funds as they go in and achieve that – that should happen between today or tonight – Friday – Saturday – Sunday – and maybe done on Monday -That is about a 4-5 day roll out – at least 4 days – rollout for the groups –

Now the shotgun start is defined as – those groups let’s call it tier 4A – which is where we put all of the admirals groups – let’s say tier 4A gets notified and they have some access to what I’m calling walking around money – when we get started with our appointments and exchanges that is when they get a greater amount and that is when we get a greater amount – when we actually do our exchange –

That is the only thing that is remotely a shot gun start – that is really the re- definition of the term for this purpose –

Now what else can we say about the timing – we know the redemption staff is off today and tomorrow  – we know that the schedule is to start Tuesday morning early –  and go all the way through until late – late on the night of the 14th –so that is the 6-14th which means – guess what  tier 5  starts on the 15th – (John Q Public)- which is 2 weeks from today –  and they would take the public – not us – starting on the 15th and go all the way through to the 1st of Nov.