The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 10-6-20


Intel Begins: 53:38

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Hello Everybody – Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Tuesday October 6th and you’re listening to the Big Call   thanks for tuning in – we’re looking forward to a nice call tonight – I have some information to give you I am very excited about

Let’s take this thing and see where the intel is leading us – Here is where we are – We have been waiting forever and ever and ever for Iraq to make a rate change that we could know about or believe in – We’ve heard of different rates in country – we’ve heard of rates that keep going  upon their Qi cards for the citizen of Iraq and we know some people that have Qi cards and they tell us sometimes what the rate is if we convert it –

So what we did receive and got confirmation about was that Saturday was the day that Iraq finally put out a new international rate on the new Iraqi dinar – it was just $1 less than Shabibi had predicted that the dinar could support in US dollars back in December I believe it was of 2012 – I might have the date wrong but it was in 2012 when he was addressing the US Commerce

He said the Dinar would be able to support a rate of $16 and our understanding is that the rate which was $15 was put in the Gazette on Saturday – and Saturday was a day of total celebration in the country of Iraq – That was a big deal – that is a big check mark – and we can put on Iraq – I think we can say they have met all of their financial – they call monetary reforms –

They have completed their monetary reforms – revalued their dinar – put it in the Gazette – and celebrated on Saturday – you folks know that their first day of business in Iraq is Sunday – did the celebration continue? I don’t know – it could have – but I thought that was good that we could put a check  on Iraq and color it done

Now – there are people that have said that within 48 hours of the revaluation of the dinar it would be extended internationally – and we would have the complete Global Currency Reset – that would theoretically be within 48 hours of sometime last Saturday –

Now – I can’t speak to that – however what we are getting is that the intermediate groups – certainly the farmers claims – other adjudicated settlements  and there are many – I think 18 – that have been or either about to be paid out – and then we have 27 different groups most of which we know is under the admiral –  there are other groups though  – those are yet to be paid out because contracts that have been let have the provision that for those groups to be paid out   it has to be with asset backed  dollars gold backed dollars – and that would be the USN –

We are currently waiting for that USN to be converted from the USD and we believe that transaction is supposed to take place either yet today or tonight and that is a very big deal   because its taking us from a fiat currency USD to an asset backed – at least gold backed or partially gold backed – in a good percentage – to the USN – with the currency coming out – the new money – actual bills –  coming out as the USTN – US Treasury Notes – which have been printed – we have the new notes the banks have the new notes – and the redemption centers have the new notes – and those are going to be ready to be dispersed whenever that is designed to come out –

The new coins – as I mentioned to you before – they pulled all the old coins they could get – pulled the silver out of them and reminted new half dollars / quarters and dimes – with the proper amount of silver in each coin and it’s my understanding that the new coins have been delivered to the banks – some a week ago – and some in that same time frame to other banks – So – we did get confirmation on that

As far as our timing – once that conversion is made that is when the core group – tier 4A groups can be notified by email or phone – and then they will be able to access and see their accounts as hydrated and then be able to go to the banks and get access to a certain amount of those funds – that is what we are expecting to happen in the next day or so

We also received word that there was a 48 hour clock that started at 1 PM today whereby within that 48 hrs which would end Thursday at 1 PM – Eastern time – everybody that we’re talking about the groups and including us – would be started and have funds that we can get access to – so we are in that 48 hour window – now –

It sounds pretty significant to me and I was very pleased to hear that was the situation – we thought for a long time we should be there Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday – and it looks like we should have something within that 3 day period based on the 1 PM clock start today – Eastern time – I am very very happy about that – This looks like it is finally going to come through for us

Now we do think there are groups that need to be paid out – We know that emails are supposed to go out with co – ordinance  and numbers in them so we can set our appointments – we know that the redemption centers staff was in early today – but then sent home –  after 1:30 PM – and they are coming in at 9 AM tomorrow – and…… we don’t know….. but I think we’re looking at  the possibility of something major happening for us either tomorrow or Thursday – so we’ll see how that manifests  – I am very excited that this is apparently coming down to the wire –

We know as far as – we talked about this too – what are you going to do if you are a Zim holder for the first 90 days? Let them know how much you need – that’s until the structured pay out begins to pay you interest – and in the 91st day you will be able to receive your first interest payment –

I told you I was planning to use a spill over account with my main bank as the account where the interest would be placed into – or spilled over from the mother lode account into that secondary account

We talked about if you were not a Zim holder you could get access to up to $250 million in the first 90 days – if you’re a Zim holder I said you could get up to $500 million in the first 90 days

That is for people who are not doing programs / projects – the project holders / participants will get a larger percentage – they should be able to get and ask for 8-10% of the total to be available right away to last for the first 90 days

What you don’t know is what you will be able to negotiate for and I know we will have some limits – from what I understand you have to go in strong and negotiate your Zim rate – see what they are for you – try to negotiate a fair rate that you are happy with at your first appointment – if you are not happy with that you can possibly set a second appointment for later –

They really  don’t want you doing that in the first week to 10 days because they are trying to get everybody in  and get all the exchanges done and the Zim redemptions done in that period of time that we have talked about –

Tomorrow is Wednesday and you’ve got the 8th which is Thursday – I don’t know how much time they are going to give us to exchange before the public starts – probably at least 8-10 days for us before the public would start

They were looking to start the public on the 15th but I don’t know if that would give us enough time – I bet that gets pushed back a few more days for the public – not us – we are looking good – we are really strong right now – so keep that in mind – that you will be able to receive between 8 and 10 % of your total if you have projects and redeeming your Zim.