The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 10-8-20     


Intel Begins: 1:00:10

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Hello Everybody – Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Thursday October 8th and you’re listening to the Big Call  – Bruce, why do you call it the Big Call?  Why is it so big?  Well when it first started I came up with the name Big Call because it stood for Blessed Ideas Group – many people on the call had wonderful ideas they have wanted God to bless and that is what started The Big Call –

Welcome everybody for tuning in – we have a very significant call tonight – I am going to bring some things in the intel segment and this could be a very important call for everybody – I am excited

We do have some important intel to give you tonight – and I am going to bring it out in just a minute – This intel is something I think I have – not going to say “exclusive” but it is something I have not heard before – Anyway, and I am happy to be able to bring it to you because I think it will be very meaningful to all of us –

Now – first of all – we did get confirmation again on the Iraqi Dinar – on the rate – it is a rate for us – ok like I talked about Tuesday night – it’s a very strong rate and I think it will match up nicely with the rate they are supposed to be offering us on the Dong as well – Now we don’t normally get into specifics on that so we are not going to do that tonight – but I will say this- we did get word from a Hong Kong contact  that at 4:18 in the morning Eastern Time – everything was open to go into Redemptions and exchanges – for some people –

This would have been – not for us – cause we have not been notified yet – but the point is it got started early this morning and it probably started over in the Far East – and maybe in Europe –  but what’s important for us to know is that about 12 hours later at 4:25 in the afternoon Eastern Time – the first domino essentially was to fall – that meant that groups that had trusts and nonprofit – foundations – those type of groups were to be started today – (Thursday)

So we have had what we believe to be the beginning – the first fruits – the start of our redemption – Now – when will it be our turn? I personally think we have some groups to go through – not only the Core – not only some of Admirals $ A’s – all of these need to get started and notified and when that happens I know there is a start time for us that is coming –

It may not be this week – let’s just say it that way – because…… understanding is…….that when we do start we will go through the end of the month –  we are not going to finish by the 14th  or the 15th  – we can take all the way to the end of October –

So…. Our start time may not be quite as soon as we thought it was – Tuesday even – so this thing is progressing but it is a slow roll out – we don’t have to tell you that – but the good news is that it has started – and we are in the mix and it’s coming – but you are going to have to hold on to your patience a little bit longer before we get notified to go

Now this is the part I wanted to tell you that I am going to call “almost exclusive” – I don’t know of anybody else that knows this yet – not even Sue –

When we get notified you know there has been chatter about the safe link secure web site – the emails that are coming from the Wells Fargo servers are coming from SafeLink website server – That is where they are emanating from – we have 4 servers – one for each major time zone in the country – as you know we’ve got Eastern – Central – Mountain and Pacific time –

Now…. My opinion is…..that Alaska and Hawaii will probably come out of the Pacific server with 4 servers that’s my gut –  probably notified through the Pacific server – these probably will release at the same time but obviously it would be different times in each time zone – that is one aspect of it –

The other aspect – there are several parts to this – the next part is that the emails that come out – and remember the last count we had was 527,000 – it could be plus or minus on that – probably + – but those emails should go out the same time – I don’t think they are going out in batches – I don’t think so – I think they will go out from the 4 servers and at the same time – we’ll see

Now with those emails will come – get ready —- drum roll please ………. 2 X 800 numbers – 1 800 number is for people who have Zim – and other currency or just Zim – whatever you have and if  you have Zim you will have 1 number for that – if you do not have Zim you will get another 800 # to use –  that will be coming in  that email and guess what  else you’re going to have?

Let’s finish up on that – The 800 numbers – so what you’re going to get is an 800 number and you will know if you’re a Zim holder to call or not to call –  If  you have other currencies but not Zim you will call the other 800 number

If you’re a Zim holder more than likely you will connect directly to the redemption center that will be taking care of you  – you are going to be offered when you call in and put in a zip code – I don’t know if you will do it verbally or key that in – could be you will do one or the other – when they have the zip code they are supposed to offer you 2 or 3 redemption center locations to go to – 2-3 to have a choice of –  within 80 miles of your home or office that you can choose one to go to  –

Now… you’ve made your choice – let’s say you are not a Zim holder – you have dinar and dong – when  you call your 800 number – it could be fully automated  – it could be – we’ll see – Just don’t know that yet

Now here’s another aspect to this ….. they do not want  you to discuss any aspect of setting your appointment  – the redemption center location – the bank – none of that is to be known – so guess what you’re going to get? More than likely you will get with that email and one size fits all Non Disclosure  Agreement – NDA –

It’s going to be fairly simple but it will cover a lot of the basics regarding setting appointment – where it’s located – all of those things are covered under it so you do not discuss with anyone – – That should be in that NDA that will probably come as an attachment with the email –  you will have to read it – very-sign it – and send it back to that safelink web site

That is what I got this afternoon- and I had to pull to get it – but it was very important – so expect an NDA – with the email – expect two 800 numbers –  1 for Zim holder sand 1 for non Zim holders and for God’s sake do NOT share any of your information with anyone because once you set that appointment guess what? You are tracked by NSA from the time you set your appointment till the time you go to your appointment and until you get home where ever home is – after your appointment for a period of at least 1 hour –

There is something to the idea of being quiet and not sharing anything ok on these public blog sites or anything  for at least 90 days  – these NDA’s – and this does not include the NDA that you are going to sign in the redemption center – that is going to cover different things – like your currencies – your rate – your bank accounts – structured payout – your interest rate – as well as rate you get for your currency – All of that is going to be under another NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement – Not to be discussed – for at least 90 days –  we understand – could be shorter for some – it’s possible but it could be longer for other people – they may put you under a NDA for 6 months –

Basically this is a private transaction – it’s yours to keep absolutely private – and I remember telling you a couple weeks ago about the idea of having an agreement that was an exclusion for primary contacts to your project/s – primary contacts that could be listed that would exclude them from the NDA – you better draw that up and have it printed and take with you for any primary contacts that are project players with you – if you have anyone –I have some – we all have a few – ok – and so make sure that you have that to take with you  – that is going to be your NDA exclusion –

Remember I am not an attorney nor accountant – nor CPA –I don’t play one on the Big Call –  however – I am going to suggest that you do some kind of little agreement that will let them know that you have a list – it might be just one person – it could 2-3 or half a dozen people that you feel you need to talk to about your project/s and maybe disclose some of this information – but it better be people that you are working with

So you could title it Primary Contact Exclusion Agreement – something to that effect – that sounds official doesn’t it?  You list the names of the people that you would like to exclude from your NDA so that becomes an addendum to your Non disclosure agreement when you get during your exchange appointment –

So that is information about the way this is going to work – I know a lot of people think it’s going to work one way and some think it’s going to work a different way  — this is the way I  am understanding from an attorney that we talked to – let’s see how it rolls out – but I think you should be prepared for that and be prepared to sign preliminary NDA with the email that you get –  if you don’t get an email you’re going to be calling from the toll free number you get Big Call Universe –  and if you get that number it is because they do not have an email for you – maybe you were gifted the currency – there are a number of people who have been gifted currency  and they do not have emails for these people –

The number should go out to a few of the frequented sites for a period of time – the only way I am going to communicate with you after this goes is by email – no more public calls –  We may or may not have a call next Tuesday – we will see – they do not want us to know when – we don’t know when but we know it’s close – We hope you enjoyed the call and the intel tonight –