The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 10-13-20


Intel Begins: 1:00:22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Hello Everybody – Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Tuesday October 13th and you’re listening to the Big Call

This is an interesting time as the information that we’ve received being this is Tuesday and we get things and we got some great information over the weekend that was looking so solid for us – even to start today – In fact there was something that we might – “might” get the toll free numbers released yesterday afternoon – and of course we went through the whole day without them – we thought oh well okay – surely it will come by late or mid-morning today – “no it didn’t” –

So….. we say to ourselves ok I had one source – a treasury source that talked about us going tomorrow – we have certain people that have gone in and done their exchanges and redemption of Zim that have been put on a GAG order – 2 hours before the start of the Big Call – and I’m thinking – ok – that is pointing towards something happening tonight and possibly overnight tonight  and it could be catching up with some of the groups- some of the intermediates – it could be a number of different things that could get started  as far as that goes

We know that from Iraq’s point of view they had some White Papers that were to be delivered this morning to the parliament with the rate of the Iraqi dinar in that paper work and instead of delivering it this morning 7:30 Iraq time – it was actually done yesterday – and voted on yesterday –

So it’s being enacted into Parliament today – that was a very positive thing to get something a little earlier than they said it would happen – that is really a positive thing –

So when we look at what is occurring – and where we are – we believe we are getting down to it – there have been a few people that have talked about – oh maybe this won’t go until after the election – we do not have that – I don’t think that is what we’ll have at all – What we understand is the President wanted this to go 6 weeks before the election – and we did not get that – Now tonight – as of today we are 3 weeks before the election

We know when we get started we will go through the end of October – and we know that the Public – which we call tier 5 won’t start until about the 5th of November – so yes we have plenty of time if we start in the next couple of days to go through the end of this month with no problem whatsoever

Some people that have been doing private exchanging are getting access tomorrow afternoon to what we’re going to call a pretty good percentage of their total exchanges – a very good percentage

Everybody that has done something recently has got what we call walking around money – but it is more than just pocket money – it could be $200-250,000 something like that – to hold them over until they get more access to their redemption total – and certain people that I know of are going to get access to it – at least that is what we’re understanding – through certain attorneys – that will happen tomorrow afternoon

Now does that mean we’re going to start tomorrow?  It doesn’t necessarily mean that but it looks good for that – it looks really good for that – and so whereas we did not get a heads up or anything else yesterday – we did not receive it today – it’s been very quiet – we know that a certain number of people in these small private groups are under a GAG Order – not to speak at all – since 7PM tonight –

There’s definitely a “Hush”  out there – and we are not getting the volume of information over the last couple of days that we would have had a few weeks ago – because more and more people are under NDA’s and are also under GAG Orders – and sometimes the information faucet just stops dripping and we don’t get what we’re thinking we’re going to get –

We know that the redemption center staff went in on Monday at 11 am and were only there 3 ½ hours – We know that the testing of the hardline phone systems and the cell phone call centers system were tested for 4 ½ hours last  Friday and 4 ½ hours on Saturday –

Everything tested out fine and this was nationwide – all over the country- tested out – everything is good – everything is ready – we know that there are major targeted clean-up  is the term I use – for the “A” word – and that clean-up is underway and should be underway for the next several days – for key targets – we’ll see how that goes – we may or may not find out about it –

But with everything that is coming to the surface now – and you can go and find out all over what I am talking about that went viral yesterday – or the day before –  There is quite a bit of targeted clean-up yet to come but what is out there is kinda mind blowing –

So without going into that – I just want to say  everybody is in a situation right now of expectation for this to come through – don’t know what day – of course we’re hearing “this is our week” I don’t really like that expression –  as you know –  we have heard that so many times – it doesn’t mean that much anymore – but I do believe that things have moved to where with Iraq out of the way now – we should be ready to take advantage of everything that God is going to bring to us –  This is a blessing

There will be 2 numbers – one for Zim holders plus other currency and another number for other currency NOT including Zim – 2 different numbers that we’ll put out –

I’m excited about where we are – I really am – obviously I’ve been excited before but I really think we’re getting down to it – I believe President Trump wants this to go before the election and it should have been way before – so we’ve been held back by a few things – we were wanting for documentation to come in from the World Court – that took 3 days –  that came in – it’s hard to say what other things have been problems or issues – but I think what we’re hearing is everything is good to go  –

I don’t know why we did not get started today – or yesterday – it might have had to do with Iraq getting that rate in the White Papers – and getting Parliament voting on that – they did that yesterday so I think we are all good to go now –

So….. don’t worry about the rates – they will be great – don’t sweat it – that is pretty much what I wanted to bring tonight – there’s just not a huge amount of intel – it’s something that we’re seeing and hearing that is giving us the impression that things are very close and maybe this was our last call tonight – we’ll see – We shall see.