The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 10-20-20


Intel Begins 1:05:00

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Hello Everybody – Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Tuesday October 20th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in – looking forward to having a good call tonight – I was just telling Bob and Sue before the call – you know — This could be our last call – at least that is what I am being told about my own call – let’s see if that happens –

Let’s talk a little about where we are – it feels like we’re saying Sayonara! And we kinda are – at least in our expectation is great for something very proximate to now – I will say this –  you know I’m not wise if I try to call it –  I have been telling you for 9 years what I have been hearing – and so – to start with – let’s just go to what’s happening at the redemption centers over the last few days – two conference calls that went on yesterday – from 11-2:30 – which was 11-1:30 and 1:30 – 2:30 – Homeland Security on the first one and then Treasury/Federal Reserve and White House Representative on the second one –

Now there have been practice things going on in the Redemption centers to get ready for us – and that’s all good – and that continued today – more practice – getting ready – making sure everyone is up to speed – What’s been happening in the world of boxes of bonds – assets – boxes of Zim bonds have been pay outs of those – in basically Hong Kong – Geneva – London – Miami and Reno – yesterday and today –

Now those are probably not completely done – those will continue to pay out for quite some time – and because of the vast amounts that are included in those – especially the boxes of bonds – they go on and on and on –  that’s ok – that doesn’t mean that we’re not going – cause we are

So that is what has been happening – We’ve got some contacts in Europe that are talking about everything releasing in terms of the funding to – I am going to call it SKR’s – probably a tier 3 – the remaining intermediate groups to be paid out – and we’re looking at all of this to start at 4 am Eastern tomorrow – That is going to be a great start to the paying out of some of the remaining fines & penalties – adjudicated settlements – farm claims – etc etc  – going on starting at 4 in the morning – that is big — very big

Now it will continue to go at different times around the globe tomorrow – but the US starts in Miami paying out – these bonds and Zim platforms and all of that stuff early tomorrow morning –

Now – what does this mean for us??  There is information saying that we could start possibly being notified as early as tomorrow afternoon – Let’s see if that happens – if that happens could we start tomorrow? Maybe – could we start Thursday?  More likely – we’ll see what happens – It’s a heads up – just letting you know what I am hearing –  not calling it  – just saying – this is what I am getting –

When it comes to this GCR – we’ve got 9 currencies that we know of that are going UP in value and many of them as you know are going UP significantly – the rest of the remaining currencies will be split in terms of approximately split in terms of those that will stay the same for now and those that will go down in value –

Let’s look at some that we think will go down in value –  we believe that the British Pound – Sterling may go down in value to equal the USN – they could go – it may not be immediate but they could go beyond par with the dollar – so could the Euro – and  you know the Euro may not last forever – countries may go to their own individual currency – at some point –

I don’t think it’s going to be right now and immediately – but I think they could and remaining currencies around the globe for the most part will make adjustments over the next 6 months or so – slight adjustments and that will come through probably once a month for maybe 5 months

Now – the other thing is what about for example – Cuba – guess who’s printing new money for Cuba? And where? We are !!  At Guantanamo – for that country – the other countries that are redoing their currencies – Honduras – we are doing theirs’s – we’ve got the Bahamas – remember those who have been there – the Bahamian dollar? It was either – I can’t remember whether it was  2 Bahamian dollars for 1 US dollar – I think it was that – might have been on par 1 to 1 – the few times I went – I can’t remember – so that – you’re looking at a new currency there –

I understand there is a new one in Puerto Rico as well that will be made – I don’t know if we’re going to be doing that one for them – I would think we might – you know they are US protected – that is where the Federal Reserve was located – that’s where it was based at for the United States Corporation Inc – was based – Whatever Puerto Rico is going to do with the currency – they should have their own –

So….I would think that Canada – the last time I looked and it’s been a while – don’t hold me to it – was somewhere the Canadian dollar was worth about 70 US cents – I don’t know but would think at some point the Canadian dollar would go and be on par with the US dollar –  we’ll see –

Mexico for right now will stay as it is – Mexican Peso will not change yet – What about for example the North Korean currency? What about Iran? What about a few others? They will not change yet – Even though you have Rial – go ahead and take it – to the exchange –  you will be able to exchange it at a very capable rate –

And talking about rates ….. we don’t really do in detal – let’s start with the Zim – people are concerned somewhat about what they are going to get on the Zim – I’m going to say this – If you have a 100 T Note – or the equivalent of 100T note – Beyond that – if you have more than that – of course many of you do — that’s where your presentation will come into play – for negotiating what it is you should get for your remaining Zim above 100T

Now….it’s going to depend on your projects – how well you come across – all of those factors will be weighed in but I will say this – your ability to receive very good rates on any remaining Zim is very very strong – Much stronger than I actually thought it would be – so you are going to be fine – Believe it or not the rates are the least of your concerns –

Dinar and Dong much higher than we all thought – front screen rates – much higher – you will be just fine – So don’t sweat it – don’t sweat it at all – don’t even think about it – it’s going to be wonderful – Everybody is all set

I believe this is coming to us and we’re ready to move on and get this done – it appears that they are ready – and with everything happening – with politics – so much happening right now in the world – we’re going to have I believe a lot of cover for when we go in – now – there are some hot spots across the country – we know that – we know there are still some hot spots – they have been taking care of the last several days to make allowances for that –  and because of that when you call in to set your appointment you may have to give your zip code and you are given options where you want to go for redemption center –

You may have to drive a little further than you thought – maybe up to 80 miles away in  some of the hot spots areas so be prepared for that possibility – and if that’s the case allow enough time to get to your redemption center – and be there no more than 10 mins early – They really want this to run like clock work – they don’t want people waiting around for more than 10 minutes before it’s your time to go in –

Remember your NDA’s are going to be good for 90 days  that means you should be considering getting a new cell phone and a new email address –  about 48 hours after this goes so that you can just speak about business and not be tempted to talk about anything – about the exchange – about anything that we can talk about right now – redemption – exchange – rates – none of that – you should be focused on if you like where you’re living – interested in a new house – a new car – vacation – what are you going to do??

You don’t have to do projects in week 1 – we are going to get together and get some strategic planning started – but we’re probably not going to get started on projects for at least 2-3 months – Take your time and enjoy this –

Probably your calls will be tracked for quite a while – by the QFS – in other words the QFS will monitor every financial transaction you do and all of that can be seen  – they want to make sure that none of this money goes to anything nefarious – anything that could be considered bad – Antifta – etc – NONE of that !!! We have a system now that will keep everything above board totally legit –