The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 10-27-20


Intel Begins: 45:55

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Hello Everybody – Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Tuesday October 27th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in – looking forward to having a good call tonight

Let’s talk a little about where we are on the intel front – there are several things I want to bring up to you today – Let’s see …. Where so we want to start with this – Let’s start with what has been happening since last Monday – That was a week ago yesterday – I remember on Thursday’s call I called the exchanges practice exchanges – that was a little bit of an exaggeration – they weren’t practicing – they were doing exchanges – they were doing approximately 30-40 exchanges per day – that we know about – in at least one redemption center we have connections to – and the thing to know is probably that was happening throughout the country – not at just one bank  but we understand at all tier 1 banks – all of the other tier 1 banks that are connected to the redemption centers –

So…. Who are the people that are going in? These are clients of the banks – these are people that the bank had a list of that knew they had currency and when this was ready to go to let them know – these people had to have accounts with the bank for over 1 year –

So that is what has been happening last week and I understand continuing even now – there’s some interesting things to find out – we know that the bonds – the people that were involved with the bonds in Miami and other cities across the globe had completed those and I believe they completed those by last Thursday – maybe Friday – and some of the people that were from Zurich had actually gone back to Zurich –

So… there’s the situation where those have been traded and purchased but yet they have also only received walking around money – not the big money that represented the bonds – whether its boxes of dragon bonds – zim bonds – all their assets – the real funding we find out yesterday – the “real” money “big” money – from these bond exchanges – will come to these individuals when we get notified – so to a great extent – even the bond traders have – the bond recipients  are reflected on a shotgun start –

They will not get the big money paid to them until we get notified to start and set our appointment – so they are sort of in that same mix – Now – when it comes to the other groups we’ve talked about the groups that are based out west – the core group – we talked about the 120 paymasters under the leader that’s based out west –

I mean – these groups – to our knowledge have NOT received anything but walking around money or pocket money – so far on their transactions – all of the people in those groups had ponied up currency and bonds and had received a SKR for that – To my knowledge those SKR’s are still there and we understand that the upper paymasters have funded all the way down to the lower paymasters but at that point is where it seems to have stopped –

We don’t have any further payments downstream to the participants or recipients in those groups – so we are on sort of a standby mode there – it looks like – It’s very difficult to say whether or not the intermediate groups have completed – even the intermediate groups between tier 3 and tier  4 are seemingly on standby until we get notified – hence – the entire thing – the entire thing may be set up with a shotgun start – where one goes we all go – or something like that –It seems like nobody is going to get paid until we get our notification –

Now – let’s go back for a minute – we know that there’s been training down in Miami for a lot of people in other parts of the country on – people from Wells Fargo – that are learning about the new QF System – getting really good detailed training on it – and also learning about the new USN – our asset backed currency of the United States – USN instead of USD our Fiat dollar –

It’s good that they are getting that training – and it’s good they are training them on the actual physical currency – our new money as well – pour new money that we will get – but we don’t know when that is going to actually surface –

Now let’s talk about the QFS – this is something that we do know – remember how we’ve talked about the SWIFT System running in parallel with the QFS – we talked about it last month – earlier this month – and it appears that has been happening – running those two systems together so that they could use it to do some clean up on aisle 3 as a result of the SWIFT –

My understanding is – we’ll see how this works out – but I’ve been told by very good sources that at midnight tonight (Tuesday) the SWIFT System will no longer be used – that we will transition at 12:01 AM tomorrow (Wednesday) morning the 28th to QFS exclusively – I think that is important and could be quite significant – that that is taking place – tomorrow –

Now let’s talk about something else – regarding our government – you know that we’ve been in the process of going back to our Restored Constitutional Republic – and we have 3 branches – of our government – we understand that they have taken the alleged legislative branch to the new Restored Republic – President Trump represents the Executive Branch – to the Restored Republic –  and with the swearing in of Justice Amy Conney Barrett – we have a complete Justice Department with the Supreme Court position having been filled last night and again this morning with another ceremony  – I think that is very significant now as a result of her appointment to the Supreme Court – NOW we actually have a complete Restored – 3 branches  of America as a Constitutional Restored Republic going forward –  I believe that is significant  – I believe it is very significant in as much as the QF System being on solely without the SWIFT tonight is also very significant –

Now – timing is very interesting – let’s go back to the redemption centers – we know that there is a schedule out – I am going to suggest it’s not going to be at just one bank – it could be several banks – redemption centers to start early tomorrow morning and go til late tomorrow night – this is also to be the case not only Wednesday  but Thursday – Friday – and even Saturday with extended hours – so that is four days – starting Wednesday – take it through Saturday  which is the last day of  the month

If – and this is a big IF – If we were to be notified and be able to set our appointments they believe they could get the majority of zim holders at least in in that period of time – in 4 days –  Is it going to happen???  That is the 50 Trillion zim question – because we just don’t know exclusively yet – They do not want us to know when this is going – we probably know more than they want us to know now –

So —- that means that they are available to do exchanges at the redemption centers in a big way – we have had a very slow roll out as you can tell – or we would not still be here – doing the Big Call – this has been painfully slow for a lot of you – I know – I’m going to suggest that we all take a look at ourselves and really make sure that we stay on our plan A – until plan B for blessing comes through –

What I’m saying is – if you have a job – stick with it – if you don’t have a job – get one – because we have got to be able to keep everything going until this blessing comes through – Realize this is 16 years for me – we are coming up on completing our ninth  year of the Big Call  and I would just have never thought it would take as long as it has – but certain milestones are being met – certain things are being accomplished – but you know what – we don’t know if there is more to go –  or more to do – between the US and China – the other countries involved with China and NESARA are relatively  in good position of all of this –  but most of it is going to come down to us probably and China – Are they ready?  Are we ready??  This is the main question – this is what we have to ask ourselves –

I believe that we are moving forward and we can see things happening – we Know of certain things happening but we don’t know everything that is happening – We don’t everything behind the scenes – we can only see a few thangs that we have privilege to know about – and where as I would love to say that we are at the end of the ride – I really cannot in good conscience say that – I believe we were – as you know – call to call – I was told last Thursday that this would be my last call – I’ve been told that at least 3-4 times and so far – guess what? We’re still here – we’re still trying to give you the best information that we can  and try to elevate and lift you up so everyone can handle this as we go forward –

Basically – the time is close – we just don’t know if there is anything else that needs to be done – we know the currencies that are in our exchange – 9 currencies – 9 countries’ currencies that are going up in value – and we know the majority of those – there are other currencies that are going to stay the same and others that will go down some – to level the playing field – we know that –

We know that President Trump is doing a wonderful job  keeping peace in the middle east and they just added the Sudan – to the Peace Accord – We’ve got maybe 5 maybe 6 other middle eastern countries that are trying to come on board – as part of that agreement – I don’t know if they’re going to be on board between now and the election but I would hope we have a little progress in that area – we already had 3 countries for sure that are part of the Peace Accord with Israel – so we will see – maybe get the entire middle east I believe –

And then we have of course other things that we’ve done that are very positive as far as that goes – I know there are some saying that things won’t happen until after the election – how many times have I been told that ??  And y et I see progress that indicates that we could go any day now – it doesn’t mean that we are – it just means the information is suggesting that we could and we will see what happens in the next couple of days but you have to be realistic and say this is a day by day basis – we don’t know when the notifications will be released –

So —- I am going to leave you with that – maybe we are there – we will just have to wait and see –