The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 10-29-20


Intel Begins: 49:50

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Hello Everybody – Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Thursday October 29th  and you’re listening to the Big Call – We’re getting close to the end of the month – close to Halloween and I hope everybody is getting ready for day light savings time on Sunday Nov 1st  –  We’re going to lose another hour of daylight so I am not very excited about that – obviously – Everybody be prepared to adjust your clocks accordingly – the good news is the phones and TV’s will change automatically – so that’s good – Thanks for tuning in – looking forward to having a good call tonight

Ok why don’t we talk a little bit about intel that we have – it’s so strange  Thursday and we know that we try to gather what we can between the last call Tuesday night and tonight and we do have a little bit to talk about – We are in the waiting game notification – that’s pretty much what we’re doing – and the reason I say that is we heard yesterday evening – Wednesday night – that we have a 51 hour window from 9 am this morning to noon Saturday where we have heard from some pretty good military sources that we should be notified – so that we could set our appointments

Now – here we are Thursday night – that would give us tomorrow and Saturday about noon Eastern time – unless these hours change – but for right now till noon on Saturday for us to be notified by the emails from the Wells Fargo servers and also the toll free numbers coming to me which I am supposed to have – to put out to the community – as you know

So we are in the middle of that window right now – as far as the redemption centers go – we know that even though the staff was not really in the redemption centers today and I understand tomorrow they are going to have meetings in the banks and redemption centers with a number of attorneys both from the bank and also from Homeland Security – we do not know what that is all about – we’ll see – but that is really interesting

So in other words I’m not really sure what’s going on with the staffing even though the staffing is generally set up to where they are on call with a one hour notice – In other words once they receive a call or text – to be at the redemption center ready to go at their desk within one hour – that is the standby mode they are in right now – so that if things do release they can respond quickly – to be ready to take our phone calls and set our appointments –

Beyond that we know that some redemption centers have been doing some exchanges last week – we told you that –  these were customers from the banks and there’s also the situation where some customers as you know – some individuals have gifted certain currency – we know that –  we know that many of us have gifted 1-2-3 or more people – whether it’s been Zim or other currencies – many of us have been in a position to do that – and the Treasury knows that we have gifted a number of people but they don’t really know who they are –

Some of the redemption center staff are finding out who a lot of these people are through the people that donated the currency to them – and they’ve been involved in the last few days in doing some exchanges with the gifted individuals – they have received very little of the amount – maybe up to 2% of their total – but they signed NDA’s and are ready to go forward  – so there are some things happening –  behind the scenes – and I just wanted to bring that out as well –

Now here’s something else that is really important – you remember we heard that Iraq needed to get a rate out there on the forex – they needed to get the dinar – the newer Iraqi Dinar up and it was put out on  forex approximately 6 PM Tuesday night Eastern time – because at 6 PM tonight it had been on the forex for the last 48 hours – and that is really good – and we have some idea of the rate – not the exact rate but some idea and it’s highly favorable and it’s about in that range that Dr Shabibi said that it would support way back when he spoke to the International Chamber of Commerce – and many of us saw the video on that – and know the individual who asked Dr Shabibi what the Dinar would be worth – and he answered it – if you remember that you will know what I’m talking about –

So – it is good to know that the Dinar is out there internationally – tradeable – and has been on the forex for the last 2 days –

Now as far as anything else that is pertinent – for us – we know that it’s important for us to stay tuned to our emails – kinda watch that – now will we be notified and will this go before the election??????

My understanding is there is an attempt to get this done for us before the election which is next Tuesday – Now – If we were to get started – let’s say Saturday for example – if we were to get started – we had numbers we could set appointments and actually start on Saturday we would power right through the weekend – I mean Sunday would go just like any other day – so don’t say because it’s the weekend after tomorrow – that it “ain’t” going to happen – because it could –

Now – I think the President has expressed – some have heard this from other sources – that he wants this to be done before the election – Saturday is the last day of October – there was also some thinking in this past month that we needed to get this started by the end of the month – well Saturday is the last day of the month – it is conceivable

It is also Halloween so be very careful out there if you are out and about – Saturday night –

So – we have sort of a self-imposed deadline and you know we don’t like deadlines – they are like back walls – they get moved – and we don’t know if this one will – we don’t know – we’re just going to have to see if we get notified by noon Saturday  – is which we have as of last night – that may have changed – the problem with this as you know – it’s like shooting at a moving target because things do change hour by hour day by day – and just when we think we’re ready and set to go – oh – something else needs to be done – oh what about this –

Right now – the biggest obstacle would be getting this thing out to us before the election – It’s just a gate Nov 3 –  we all know about and we know we all expect to vote

On the other hand – if we did get started – let’s say by the weekend – what a great cover that would be for us doing our exchanges with everybody going out to vote – and including us – we need to get out and vote and I am convinced this is our responsibility moving forward to evaluate where we’ve been and where we can go –

President Trump is someone that does want this to happen for us  – even though we’ve had some obstacles and have been some things in our way that had to be dealt with – we know that getting the SWIFT system to go away which was at midnight Tuesday night was a major accomplishment – because as of 12:01 AM Wednesday morning we were exclusively to be on the QF System and with that QF System is supposed to be the USN – the new US Dollar – that was also to be a part of the QFS and part of our new start Tuesday night  starting one minute after midnight

So there is such a thing as being in a waiting mode – that is where we are again – things are looking very positive from the aspect of the forex – The QFS – the Dinar – Zim – there’s always contracts that need to be renewed or signed all of that – is part of a game but of course making sure that enough of the Deep State is done away with – moved out of the – way – that is all a factor and is ongoing  – I am going to suggest that we are all in position to move forward  –

Thanks everybody for listening once again.