The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 11-3-20


Intel Begins: 46:52

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Hello Everybody – Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Tuesday November 3rd Election Day   and you’re listening to the Big Call – You are wondering – why have a call on election day –  we’re going to do a fairly short call – hopefully in the 50 / 60 minute range and then let everyone catch the incoming results from the election which is going to keep us up for a while tonight –

First of all I have an apology to make because we had it wrong – the information I had on our last call was indicating that we should receive our numbers prior to the election and of course that did not happen – so I am sorry – I apologize for that – we had information that made it look like we were going to get it actually yesterday and that just didn’t happen – so – sorry about that – because I am ready for this to go just like everybody else is –

Realistically – it seems that the election had to take place first – obviously it did take place  but it seems like there were reasons why we did not go before – Now QFS is lined up and ready to go – I just heard this evening that the yellow dragon bonds are going to pay out at 3:30 in the morning EST – that is going to help – that may be the first domino that needs to fall for our groups and the internet group and so on to get started – I am excited about that –

I’ve heard it put a couple of different ways – but our timing appears its going to be contingent upon the announcement of the election results – In other words – sort of the finality I would hope from electoral college perspective and not a popular vote total – that could take a little longer because some of the states have allowed for a few extra days – and in some cases up to about a week for popular votes to be tallied –

However I have heard – this is the most recent – I have heard that once the votes are tallied – and I am going to hope this is referring to the Electoral College votes – ok – delegate votes – once those are tallied – 24 hours later we should be notified and start going into the banks

So – I have had 3 different people tell me today that looks like Wednesday or Thursday – now it does not probably mean that we’re going in tomorrow – but we could get notified tomorrow – that’s possible –

Probably the more likely scenario would be notifications Thursday and start on Thursday – that is if this intel holds out to be true – I have every reason to believe it could be very well be true – so we’re going to hope for that’s the case –

I know that Iraq who already had a rate its an international rate – on the forex – actually it’s been on the forex for a week now – it’s supposed to get a new rate I believe it’s going to be tomorrow  but could be Thursday – I don’t know what the new rate will be – but it all sounds good –

Now – the other thing is – you know we do not talk much about the rate on the call and you know I am not supposed to –  just can’t really go there – but we did find out just real recently that if you would like a back screen rate you have to ask for it – there has been some cabal influence – and said we could not have access to back screen or contract rate –  that appears to be false – that appears to be incorrect – We should be able to ask for that if you wish – even if you are a Zim holder – so that is exciting and encouraging –

It really won’t matter in the big scheme of things – even if you have a lot of Dinar or Dong – but because the Zim is so valuable and worth so much more that it will basically it will cover any lack that would be in any other currencies – it will more than compensate for that –

So – I am excited about where we are – and what is happening – to give you an idea for example – the redemption center staff that we know about – were off yesterday and off again today for election day – that doesn’t surprise me –

However – yesterday evening for a couple hours there was a huge conference call which I think was probably the end all be all of conference calls – video conference calls – it included HSBC – Wells Fargo – Chase – US Treasury – Homeland Security – portion of the Secret Service which has to do with currency probably – all bank managers – bank VP’s – redemption staff – wealth management – private bankers – all of those people – probably all people above the teller level – was to be on this call – yesterday evening

Tomorrow there are plans to go in for staff for 4 hours – and see what happens – do not know what time – but what is interesting is we’re in a situation where redemption center staff is basically on a one hour call – where they can be called and need to be seated ready to do business at their desk within an hour – that is interesting – cause that means they could respond if something were to happen they could respond and go in quickly  –

So they told us we were not going to get anything yesterday or today – but it’s possible based on I think – somewhat of the election result – how quickly that comes in – tomorrow is in play – Thursday is in play – and no one that I’m talking to is going beyond Thursday – I’m just saying – I’m just saying – that is what I am getting –