The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 11-10-20


Intel Begins: 55:19

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Hello Everybody – Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Tuesday November 10th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks for listening everybody – thanks for tuning in – we’re glad to have you here and looking forward to a really good call tonight

So I tell you what let’s do – let’s get into where we are on the intel point of view – and we’re in pretty good shape right now – we really are – I know sometimes it’s hard to see it – you are drawing pictures from the Big Call and maybe information that is coming on other sites and other calls – I don’t know – but I will say this – everything that we’re hearing right now –

Let’s talk briefly about the election – it was a week ago today right – seems like a month ago – no we do not have a clear result that has been made public – however I do believe we are going to see the results pretty soon – there are legal challenges – there are legal things that are going on behind the scenes that will come to the fore  front soon enough – and I think this is an especially important time for us all to be patient and to wait for the actual true results – all we want – I don’t care what party your affiliation you are or what voting line you were on – I believe we all want a fair and free election with a true result   an accurate result –  and I believe we are going to arrive at that –

I think our patience is being tried during this time – not only because of the election and waiting for results – but also based on the fact that this ride has been going on for quite a long time – here we are about to complete 9 years of the Big Call – I don’t want to even think about starting a 10th year so I’m not going to suggest it –

I really think it’s getting –  you know it’s been a long time and somebody that has been in it for 16  years like me and some of you have been in that long –  maybe a few people longer – most of you not as long – but I have been tracking this for quite a long time – and it’s the kind of thing that many people have stepped away from it – some are right there with it  on a daily basis – I know many of you have listened to the Big Call for most of the 9 years – I appreciate that – I am thinking we are just about ready to call it The End –

Now – here’s where we are coming from – first of all –let’s try to draw some conclusions – Number 1 was this – redemption centers staff is off tomorrow (Wednesday) Veterans Day – most banks – not all – are closed – it is a National Holiday – I do not think you will get mail delivery – whatever – it’s a National Holiday –

Although some banks are open – the redemption center staff starting Thursday is a day of being on call 40 minutes – They were on can for 1 hour – now we are on call with 40 minutes notice – That means – in 40 minutes of receiving a text or phone call or an email they need to be at the redemption center – at their desk – ready to go – that is the status they are going to be on starting Thursday –

What else is significant about Thursday – the country of Iraq is planning to have the investment law passed – and the investment law contains the actual in country rate of Iraqi Dinar – it would be in the law – in the writing of the law and so that is when it’s supposed to be passed and made known – Thursday –

Now – even though they were supposed to make their international rate known last Saturday –I’m not sure that happened –  they were also supposed to pay their people their salaries on their Qi card – I don’t believe they were paid their salaries and I believe they will  be paid and with an increase in most cases – a significant increase – to pension funds – salaries and so on – that is supposed to occur on Thursday – whether they caught up with their back pay or not –  was supposed to go way back to April I don’t know – but I believe we are going to see a new Iraqi  Dinar rate in the investment law – that’s supposed to be on Thursday – Remember Iraq is about 8 hrs ahead of East Coast time zone –

Now as far as where the rest of the country is- we are in the understanding that the bond holders are about to be paid and we don’t know whether tier 3 SKR’s were paid out – or not yet – we heard they were to pay them out starting yesterday or today and I don’t know if that has occurred yet – it may not have – and the more this thing drags on the more likely it is that all parties that ae waiting on funds will probably get paid about the same time that we set our appointments for our exchanges

Now – we are hearing some things very significantly about payouts and this should be to the groups – bond holders – even on the zim holder platforms are supposed to be paid out starting between 8 and 9 PM eastern tomorrow night (Wednesday)

One of our sources is calling tomorrow our “Christmas Eve” – that same source is calling Thursday  “Christmas” – now this is from one significant source – I know there are people who will not agree with  but I believe it’s quite possible  so we’re just going to have to wait this one out – to see if that is what it is – it’s very possible – we thought we would go shortly after the election – it’s been a week – there were some things that had to take place – although we also heard some announcements – are supposed to come out starting tomorrow – they may do something on Veterans Day –  but they are going to bring out certain announcements between now and the 14th – Saturday – between the 13 and 14 could be significant  for announcements – so keep an ear out starting tomorrow –

And then be prepared for the possibility of Wednesday/Thursday – it is conceivable that we get notified with emails and 800 numbers tomorrow – it is conceivable – personally I think because of the other information that it is more likely that we’ll get them sometime on Thursday – and if we get them on Thursday morning we’ll set appointments and probably start Thursday afternoon – so let’s see if that happens –

I think they are going to want the banks to be open and the redemption centers to be staffed before the numbers come out – because its ultimately it’s the redemption centers that are setting appointments for zim holders at the actual locations where they will redeem that currency – those bonds – so they’re part of the call center chain of events –

Meaning if you are a zim holder the theory is you will speak to someone at the redemption center when you get transferred to them when you entered your zip code – let them know what area you want to exchange in and they enter that in and you get  a chance to speak to that person and set the appointment – so when you go in you will actually know the person that you are going to talk with about the redemption of your zim

Remember 2 800 numbers – one for zim holders and other currencies and one for non zim holders – other currency ONLY – two numbers  – you will know which one based on if you have zim bonds or not –

So tomorrow is our Christmas Eve – we’ll see  – I’m not going to call it – just telling you what our sources are telling me – I feel good about it  – I feel really good about it – and I’m looking forward to this coming to it’s final conclusion –

Many of you might have seen a text come through yesterday – an email – about request for prayer for the President as his lawyers entered the information they needed regarding the election with the supreme court yesterday at 5 PM eastern – and pray for the “truth” pray for an accurate and true result from the election – and that’s what all of us believe in our heart wants – so let’s continue in that thought

So we are really waiting for that notification – and to start and waiting for the final decision which might take a little while – it might not be as immediate as we want it to be – for the election – we are just going to have to be patient for that as well –

So I want everybody over this next little bit of time now consider whether or not your presentation is in the position you want it to be – if you are a zim holder are you prepared to talk 5-8 minutes on your projects and job creation – longevity –  and all of those things that we’ve talked about in the past –

Thanks for listening everybody –