The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 12-1-20


Intel Begins: 51:50

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Hello Everybody – Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Tuesday December 1st  2020  the year that most would just as soon forget- however – the year is not over yet – I think we are going to make a good year out of it – ok – so that is a little teaser – a little idea that the intel may portray later – so welcome everybody  you’re listening to the Big Call – I have not talked to you for a week now because of Thanksgiving – we did take Thursday off – I hope everyone got the memo – and hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving

Now we are looking forward to moving forward into the Christmas and Hanukah season – there will be some really cool things happening – now what would really put us in the mood would be to have the where with all to freely give to others – as it has been freely given to us – that is the whole deal behind the blessing that we are expecting –

Now – the timing is a strange thing – we have reason to believe that some green light so to speak have been lit already and we know that as time is moving on we are expecting things to happen in a relatively short period of time for us and intel is interesting on how it comes in waves – and I got a nice wave of it this afternoon and even later – right before the call tonight – and so let’s call this – some of these pieces of the puzzle are coming together – and even though they are coming from 4 or 5 or 6 sources – they are lining us very well –

For example – the information we’re getting out of Iraq is that the ATM machines that are loaded in Iraq with the lower denominations of the new Iraqi Dinar are to be switched on and finally turned on either tomorrow (Wed) or Thursday – and of course Iraq is 8 hours ahead of us the East Coast – I believe that is correct – so that would essentially mean if it’s tomorrow (Wed) they could be lining up about now –

If it is for Thursday – they will probably light up late tomorrow night Eastern Time – because of the time difference –  so that’s cool – the fact that is happening – and even though we are looking for Iraq to put out an international rate I believe they will end up doing that probably tomorrow or Thursday – and that would coincide with the turning on of the ATM machines in their country –

There are some areas of the United States which will also have – due to the Iraqi/American population will also have ATM’s that may also have new Iraqi Dinar lower denominations inside of them as well as our US Dollar – towns like Dearborn Michigan – and other places – I have heard of four – in the United States – could have the same exact thing happen – and those would turn on at the same time as those in Iraq – Interesting – Ok that is just one small piece – now – I think a very significant piece – of our puzzle – that keeps increasing in size every day –

The other things are that with redemption center staff on schedules that are basically 12 hour days – starting before 9 – let’s say 8:30 AM going to 8:30 PM – that is really a very good thing because it lets you know they are planning to be there to do redemption of zim and also to do exchanges of these currencies that we have – so that – what I understand is – that started yesterday – and even though if the redemption center staff go home early as was the case yesterday –  and today – the possibility to receive the toll free numbers and get the emails released – would be the main reason for them to be there to set the appointments at the redemption center level – at that place for zim holders –

So that is why they might have gone to a certain time at noon or 2 o’clock and thought ok we are not going to get that – it’s not going to happen – but there has been an occasion like today when they might have been called back in this evening for that very same possibility –

So – they ae always on call to make a return visit within an hour – if they were let out early – that is interesting – so that schedule – that 12 hour day schedule is set up to go not only this week and next week as well – taking us all the way through the 14th of December – so that tells us they are really prepared and looking forward to this going

The latest information is telling us that certain banks – our sources for this – from the high end corporate level – that we are in a very narrow window right now – in fact – from 4 separate sources I am getting a within 36 hour window – from 8 o’clock Eastern – tonight –

Now – we’ve been told by some people we cannot tell you the day or time but that I think is a very narrow window – we have had windows before – we have had 72 hour – 96 hour – we’ve had a discussion of 48 hours – this is a little tighter than that – but – it does give us the impression that this is serious and this is ready to get underway  – and listen – nobody has been told more than me how close we are – how this is going – that is happening – you’re going to get called – this will be the last call – I don’t want anyone to tell me this is going to be  your last call – I hope this is my last call tonight – right now – but the minute we say it (laughing)  we put the jinx on it – just kidding –

What’s really cool is that the timing for the release – as I understand it – from a very interesting and qualified source – this could be a very – depending on what time zone you’re in – very late at night or very early morning event for us –

Now whether everything is released and things get started with the Core group and the 120 paymaster groups – that is sort of what I am anticipating and then I’m looking for the release of the emails on the Wells Fargo servers to go out and also the 800 numbers coming to me – one for zim holders and one for non zim holders – to activate and be able to put those out – on the big call website – I am excited because this is a great opportunity for everybody –

Every source that I’ve talked to or that have had to pay attention to here today especially is pointing to the same time frame and the one that was the most appreciated was the fact that it was a fairly narrow range of 36 hours from about 8 PM tonight – Eastern time – I’m excited – more than I’ve ever been – the fact that it really does appear this is coming to a distinctly beautiful ending for us –