The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 12-15-20


Intel Begins: 1:13:13

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome Everybody – it is Tuesday December 15th and you’re listening to what we hope to be the final Big Call – so thanks for listening tonight – we’re going to have a really cool call tonight and I’m going to give you a little heads up – a couple times through this call – and the first heads up is ….. that the intel portion is going to be very fun tonight – I am going to give you some basic information about the intel and then Sue and I are going to talk about the exchange process and sort of act out the various steps of it from the minute you walk in the door of the redemption center all the way to when you walk out the door – and head back home –

It’s now time to bring Sue back in and in just a moment Sue we are going to do sort of what we talked about as a roll play event for the redemption center experience – and let’s talk a little bit – there is not a whole lot of intel – but there are a few things – let’s talk about that and then Sue is going to come in and work with me to give you the best picture of what to expect from everything she has heard and I have heard about the redemption center – and what to expect for us –

So – let’s talk about – first of all  we’re still in the zone that we thought we would be in like last Thursday and even though we’re still waiting to receive the toll free numbers by email or by us putting it out on our website – I want to let you know we have information from redemption centers that indicate the scheduling that they are on – and it’s very interesting because we have situation where some of these redemption centers may alter this – based on their location – some states will actually have redemption centers close a lot sooner than others – Florida – forget it – Florida has the greatest number of Zim holders by a long shot – even though Texas has the greatest amount of Zim in the country – less people – but more zim

But here’s the thing – schedules were set for today – for 1:30 PM til 8:30 PM – they made it til 4 PM and had a very short meeting lasted about 20 minutes – and then everyone headed home about 4:30 – What went on in that 20 minute meeting we really don’t know – the only thing we know of – the schedule was set for the next 9 days for 8:30 AM til 8:30 PM – 12 hours per day – all the way to the 23rd  and then the 24th which is Christmas Eve – would be 8:30 AM til 5 PM –

Every other day  – yes every day – Sunday too – 8:30 AM til 8:30 PM –  now tomorrow – however – there may be an adjustment – it could be earlier or later – we don’t know which it is but we are anticipating to receive the toll free numbers sometime tomorrow (Wednesday 16th )

Now I am trying my best not to “Call It” – I am telling you what I’ve heard – I am telling you what we expect – but we anticipate – and I am trying not to get ahead of where we are today – this information is all the new intel that I have – all that I could bring tonight – It’s not that much – but we’re in the zone and we are in the “realm” of this happening very very soon –

I am excited that they wanted – President Trump wanted this to be done prior to Christmas – it looks like we’re going to have  9 days if we start tomorrow – if you do the math and count on your fingers it works – through the 24th and then we’re all going to have – maybe the best – the most different Christmas we’ve ever had

So I am highly anticipatory that we are right where we need to be and allowing this to come through for us – let this blessing come in and truly bless us –  and I’m excited that Sue and I are going to be able to give you some information – maybe some of you know it already – but some of  you probably don’t  and have not heard this aspect –

We have talked about various aspects of the redemption process in the past but we haven’t done anything recently – and so what I would like to do – knowing roughly what our schedules are between tomorrow and the 24th  we are highly expecting something to go down –

Sue – if you are still there –  come on in – and tell us what to expect from your perspective when we get there to the redemption center  – we are going to say that we have – not only our currencies to exchange but we have zim bonds to redeem – that is going to be our premise of what we’re going to say –

Alright – we’ve set our appointment – we’re going in – we’re no more than 10 minutes early – we’re not in the parking lot –  we’re excited and just about to walk into the redemption center –

Sue – take it from there – and I will pick up where we talked about –

Sue speaking now: Ok so you’re at the redemption center and you’re walking up the stairs – and you’re going to sense that they are happy you are there but there will be a formality to it – so everybody be prepared for that –

When you walk in there will be a greeter – and again there will be some people around the greeter and they will probably say something like this – and remember this is extrapolated but it’s coming from the insight that we have – “Oh good morning – you must be our 11 o’clock  – you must be Bruce – could we see some identification “– so that is when you present your driver’s license – your second form of picture ID – and proof of where you live –  which could be electric bill – something sent to your house / residence –  you know – you / resident are at this place –

And now we are going into an area that’s been sketchy for a number of months and so we’re going to put a question over this –  but we’re going to cover it – you may be taken in to see a film for a few minutes and then you’ll be taken out – so when you are watching the film – as it comes to an end – just say to yourself –  5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 inside your head and that is so you can sort of shake off the energy and connection to the film and you can be ready to be articulate and be clear – 5 -4 -3 -2 -1  that will shake off that experience –

And then a Martial may come and say “follow me” –  originally we had thought you were going to be taken in a room and asked questions about your personal debt or where did you purchase  your currency –  we do not think that is going to happen – we think that has all been covered  and we’ve been “checked out” –

So what’s going to happen next is you will be taken to a room – there might be a second person behind you – maybe 2 people depending on the amount of zim you have – it could be a wealth manager – it could be somebody that studies your body language – or psychoanalysis – people that are looking at y our character and they are just making sure that you are a person capable of handling the zim –

So if there is any feeling that i comes up when I just said that – go to what I said last week and imagine that they were really seeing the best in you and they were supporting you  and another tip that I realized – you’re walking to this room – where you’re going to make your presentation – and they count your zim – and a Martial is leading you – right before you go into the room – this is a great acting and presentation tip – if you get intimidated – picture them in their underwear – it makes them more vulnerable and it makes them not have such big energy – you can do that –

The Martial will be standing outside the office and you will be looking into the office and this is what you’re going to see – a desk top – a desk – a blank computer screen – and 2 people that are friendly – and wave you in and say something like this – Come in – Come in Bruce – Hi my name is ____________  and my name is __________ nice to meet you – they motion for you to sit down –

You have  your currency and your presentation –  they are going to say – Bruce we understand you have bonds – and currencies – is that correct –  and Bruce says yes –  and they may say – could we start with your zim please –  would you please bring it up so we can count and verify it – you want to take your currencies out of the sleeves and have in envelopes –  and how much is in each envelope – you will hand over to them – and the delarue machine counts 100 bonds in 30 seconds – they will count and then they will acknowledge how much you have –

They will ask what are your plans – what do you want to do with the zim – and this is when (interruption)

Bruce Speaking now – I want to say this  – it is possible that we could try to get our currency counted first – we know that the zim is the big fish – I am going to see if they will do the currency first – that’s just me – I don’t know what they are going to want to do –

Sue speaking – so they are going to ask what your plans are – and you are going to say you have great humanitarian projects planned for the zim – high impact – multi generational and if it applies – national and international projects –

High impact means that you have the insight to know that high impact philanthropy is researched based and data based – it means you’re sophisticated enough to use those words and know that your team is going to be researching that – they are going to know that you are competent – on top of the trend –

Then you are going to say – here are our team projects – and you present them with your copy and ask if they would like for you to go over them – (more info on the call)