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Why they are waging a Global War on Cash

The Nomad Economist:  5-21-2022

he War On Cash & Negative Interest Rate Bonds Explained

Cash is largely anonymous, untraceable and uncontrollable, hence it makes central authorities, in a system increasingly requiring total buy-in in order to function, extremely uncomfortable.

They regard there being no legitimate reason to own more than a small amount of it in physical form, as its ownership or use raises the specter of tax evasion or other illegal activities: The assumption on the part of government today is that possession of large amounts of cash is indicative of involvement in illegal activity.

If you’re traveling with thousands of dollars in cash and get pulled over by the police, don’t be surprised when your money gets seized as “suspicious.” And if you want your money back, prepare to get into a long, drawn-out court case requiring you to prove that you came by that money legitimately, just because the courts have decided that carrying or using large amounts of cash is reasonable suspicion that you are engaging in illegal activity .

Despite the supposed connection between crime and the holding of physical cash