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Re: The GCR Began Last Week

“The GCR Began Last Week” – Sam Oliver Update 5-12-19   Link

TJ: This hits the nail on the head.

Tariffs, properly applied, naturally force the values of currencies to their correct levels relative to each other, and as they correct themselves the tariffs naturally reduce themselves to zero as the correct relative currency values are achieved.

This levels the playing field naturally and then keeps it level as nations’ circumstances change over time.

The big 2 that must be corrected now relative to each other are America and China, and as they correct themselves, all other nations’ currencies will more easily correct themselves too with a little help from some tariffs as required, which would fade away as their correct relative levels are also achieved.

This would allow fair trade rather than geopolitics to determine the relative value of currencies.

I think of this in the same way as a governor naturally keeps the speed of an engine running at its optimum speed, and the automatic feathering of the blades on a windmill keeps the windmill blades naturally turning at their optimum speed. Keep-it-simple-stupid (KISS) principle, which always works best and maintains itself without requiring constant adjustments.

This would not change the fact that each nation’s currency would be gold-backed, it just keeps the relative values of currencies correct. Nations would still be limited to the amount of currency they could issue based on their gold / other assets.

This system change has now started and could get mostly done quite swiftly, as all nations must be aware of this change in the system and would want it done quickly in order to get trade settled down ASAP.

This is where the 80/20 rule could apply. We could get 80% there in 20% of the time it would take to complete the whole required change. Perhaps the 2 weeks of major global financial upset that we have been warned about is the time to get 80% finished with required changes to currency values.

This would mean that the whole process would be essentially complete in 10 weeks, when we would then enter into a holding pattern with only minor changes to currency values after that time.

If this is what is happening, it would naturally achieve the RV without announcements, and is perhaps what some were referring to when they told us that the way the RV will actually happen is different to what we have been led to believe.  TJ