In TJ 

My thoughts on the current RV & ZIM situation:

I do not believe that the RV needs the ZIM bonds to change hands in order for the RV to proceed. The RV and ZIM bonds are both good, however, they are not directly related. The RV is to correct imbalances in currencies, and the purchase of ZIM bonds is to inject money into the world’s economy to help humanity and the environment.

The Chinese bankers appear to be irritated right now, perhaps as they seem to still be unable to obtain the money required to back their plans to buy the ZIM bonds.

This could be resolved if the MWHT came up with a way to use the Chinese bankers to buy the ZIM bonds on behalf of the MWHT, as their agents, or just collect the bonds from us and then the MWHT would pay us directly for them. Or the MWHT could step up to the plate and issue their own separate plan for redeeming the ZIM bonds as a way to inject money into the people and projects, which is what they state is their goal.

I can see the RV being completed, hopefully in the next few days, before the ZIM situation becomes clear.   TJ