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News & Comments 11/24/2015

Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi calls to strike a balance between Alkmarki system reform and the protection of national product

Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi said that two-thirds of the battle with terrorism, psychological warfare and we withstand it and that life goes on and we win and build the economy and adhere to the national our unity.

He stressed, during his speech at the workshop system reform Alkmarki, that there are serious attempts to reform in all sectors including the agricultural, industrial, and the two need to backup and real support, pointing to the importance to balance Alkmarki system reform and the protection of national product and is not affected commodities for citizen out

He said the Prime Minister to the existence of trying dumping bad for the objectives of profit and other targets, it is important to take action group to impose customs correctly,

and we us the imposition of customs for several reasons, including lack of control over all the ports and in order not to exploit the situation by some to while placing the mechanics are correct. 

He continued Dr. Haider Abadi that with the drop in oil prices and a decline in revenues and expansion of the previous spending we are looking at spending last represented spending war which can not be reduced, because Daash gangs represent an existential struggle, and they want to eliminate the name of religion to religion.

Information Office of the Prime Minister 2 2 November 2015


The study of the tax system reform in Iraq

11/23/2015 15:14  Workshop deliberative held on reforming the tax system in Iraq in the hospitality Palace in Baghdad, headed by Prime Minister for Economic Affairs D.mzar Mohammed Saleh adviser.

During which he discussed the mechanisms necessary to reform the tax system to improve and diversify the resources of the state,

said Associate Director of the Office of Prime Minister Dr. Nofal Abu Barns desire of the government to diversify the economy, which requires a re-look at the legal frameworks and the restoration of people’s relationship with the state, stressing that the government reforms will continue for long periods to Iraq up economic system varied, and not rely on oil is the president.

He added that Iraq is seeking to expand the tax base and the revival of the principle of citizenship lost because of the circumstances he faced, noting that many countries of the world has shown great support for the success of reforms in Iraq.

For his part, Undersecretary of the US Department of the Treasury Larry McDonald Iraq’s need to reduce its dependence on oil, and the promotion of the private sector, and reduce dependence on external support. He added that the current challenges are no less than it was after the change, and that the activation of taxes in Iraq will be established to address strategic challenges, and the face of the financial crisis.

Discussed the present tax reform successful models in some countries, and vision collective best associated with the development of the tax system in Iraq options.

The workshop was attended to by the Associate Director of the Office of the Prime Minister and Advisor to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs by the Director General of the General Tax Authority, and Chairman of the Finance Committee and the Committee on Economy and Investment in the House of Representatives, and a gathering of government officials, in addition to the Undersecretary of the US Treasury Department and representatives from the World Bank and foreign experts.


The Cabinet amended the budget to reduce the deficit and the need to support the ministries of the local product [expanded]

The Cabinet approved according to the statement “to amend the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016 Law sent to the House of Representatives

The Council also agreed “to do all ministries to secure their needs for products and Ministry of Industry and Minerals and other companies in accordance with Article 36 of the federal budget for fiscal year 2015 Act,

and processing of all ministries requests by direct contract with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and other companies to encourage national product, and the formation of a committee of the Ministry of Planning and stakeholders to evaluate product quality and value-added processing for the local product.



2015 Budget Article 36 is committed to federal ministries, provinces and departments not associated with the Ministry of buying needs of federal ministries products that not less than the value added of these collected and processed products (25%) of the cost of import value added to them and to the local product prices are not higher than the those imported by more than (10%) taking into account the quality specifications and quality.


Adviser to the Prime Minister: we are preparing to launch a genuine reform package

Detection Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, the existence of other “real” package of reforms, calling on Iraqis to put their differences “small” aside and benefit from international support.

While the President of the Parliamentary Finance Committee said that tax evasion and fraud on earnings and the lack of responsibility towards the nation of the most important challenges facing the tax sector in Iraq

“The reforms begun and will not end and we are on the cusp of another real ones package”, noting that “part of the reforms linked to the social structure and the political system or the financial or economic.”

that ” tax evasion and fraud on earnings and the lack of responsibility towards the nation, of the most important challenges facing the tax sector in Iraq, “noting that” the Finance Committee is working on a reform of the tax system through the amendment of some laws.

that “in the current 2015 fiscal witnessed find new vessels,” and expressed hope that “specialists contribute new proposals to find other tax vessels.

head of the Tax Authority, said during the workshop, “The Tax Authority laws still are old and need to change because some of them do not meet the requirements the current economic situation ​

The tax man is coming in all shapes and sizes, see here :


Parliamentary Finance: Tax Kartat Shipping mobile will not be canceled in the budget of 2016

“taxes to mobilize mobile cards that were included in the budget in 2015 itself exists and will continue in the next year’s budget in 2016 and will not be canceled ” Smile

Investment: We demanded residential projects in the provinces owners delivered with full services

Said Najiba Najib, in an interview to the (long-Presse) “The amendment of the Investment Law passed by parliament recently includes many facilities for the residential sector, the most important of raising taxes for investors,

you see the theme of the day ? TAXES baby