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We all agree it is just pure speculation. And no banking institution will ever give a sign that there will be an increase in value, which is common sense to why that is the standard…optimistic that a change is coming only because of current world economic conditions…my hesitation had always been the 3 zeros on the physical currency itself…and this statement from a CBI meeting in Dubai…2 years ago…the new currency must come first as a prelude to the lifting of the 3 zeroes from the currency …that statement is embedded in my head.  THE NEW CURRENCY MUST COME FIRST AS A PRELUDE TO LIFTING THE 3 ZEROS FROM THE CURRENCY…so certainly sounds like new currency first and then not accounting the 3 zeros at time of exchange…why my thought had always been…exchange period for a short time frame with 3 zero notes…and those holding for bigger gains on a float…good luck…of course just my opinion as another scenario.