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Zebari, the Finance Minister said in an official statement that by the end of the year Iraq will have only spent 60% of the 2015 budget… So how is that? And another Minister said that November is going to be a huge economic crisis month…

From the outside looking in… it appears that they are setting up for something different then just salary cuts… the cuts are an adjustment to the lifting of the 3 zeros…and the cuts give indications that lifting the 3 zeros is not a neutral event, but rather going to add value to the Iraqi dinar.

[ya think early 2016?] IMO… BEFORE! They will need to open 2016 with the 3 zeros lifted. No money for the people and cut salaries…This is the defining moment!

Either Abadi “flips the switch” per se’ and opens with some purchasing power to the currency…OR Maliki and his opposition will be able to flip the country with very little resistance from the citizens… really is that simple!

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