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It really is a simple idea… 1,ooo… 5,ooo… 10,ooo… 25,ooo… 50,ooo…The 3 zero notes will run along side the new notes 1… 5… 10… 25… 50… They will have the same value.

The 50 dinar note was pulled from circulation and ended exchange 4/30/15…you can still exchange them but need to go directly to the CBI to do so.  The 50 note would have been a conflict with the 50,ooo note because the ZEROS are not going to be counted in exchange when they lift the 3 zeros from the notes.

Call it whatever you want…A lop…lifting 3 zeros… deleting 3 zeros. They have said in articles time and time again that the 3 zero notes will run along side the new notes.

If anyone believes that there are going to be 3 zero notes worth tens of thousands of dollars (which by the way 3 zero notes are in abundance)…floating around the globe for a long period of time…1 month or 2 years is seriously mistaken.

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