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Article quote:  “…objections issued by the political blocs on the Prime Minister resolutions Atakzha including those related to ladder the new salary…

EVERYONE is mad as h*ll over their salaries being cut…Not the reforms they were expecting.  But now if you take Massoum who was at $77,000 per month and now is at $8,000 per month…He is making 96k a year now.

But if they drop the zeros and revalue with a rate of est $2.66 he would make about $220,000 usd per year…or 96,000 dinar.  Same goes for the low wage earner of 450k IQD at $2.66 it would put them at around $1,200 per month.

The new salaries will begin next month (November). They are coming with a rate…IMO.

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