Sooneriam: Will Santa bring the RV early this year? Before Christmas?

 I wish Mahdi would do what previous PMs did, and appoint the rest of the cabinet. He seems unwilling to stand up to parliament, unlike previous PMs. Of course, it may just be a smoke screen…. But, a leader who cannot stand up for his beliefs is going to have a very hard time leading the country.

 I think all first basket countries have to be ready to RV by 1 Jan 2019

 Like Tony has said several times. Be ready so you don’t have to get ready. I hope the RV just pops out at any moment when we least expect it.

 Since this is supposed to be a Global Currency Reset (GCR), I’m thinking there are going to be few Gov’ts that will be facing challenges when the GCR happens….

Citizens are protesting in France. The Briexit is also a mess. Will we wait for the UK to break away from the EU? Time will tell.

I don’t know what else’s they could be waiting on to since it’s been said on recent that everything is Done done done So we wait.

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