Robert001: Good evening, I just now read that Pres. Trump has cancelled going to Davos for the summit there. Guess it is not important to the Iraq revalue anyway.

Robert001: Is the RV built into the budget or will it be an amendment after the RV

Kajunredbull: Howdy Robert! From my experieice most budgets set for a country counts on their sources of revenue. Since Iraq’s oil took a hit with prices falling per barrel throughout the world and it is there largest source of income they had to make an amendment lowering their projections of expected revenues…. An RV would probably cause a surplus in revenues but it is hard to project what an RV will start and end at therefore very difficult to count on it as a source of viable revenue. In my humble opinion

9-Ball:  Iraqi oil is now 61.25. I thought their budget was based on a low of 45.00, but recently I read someone say it is based on 54.00 in the budget. Either way the price of oil sholdn’t affect their projected revenue stream. jmho


Tishwash:   Iran’s oil minister unveils visit to Baghdad

Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangana, who arrived in the capital Baghdad on Thursday, unveiled the aim of the visit.

“He will hold talks with the Iraqi oil minister and other senior officials in this country on the opportunities for cooperation between the two sides,” Zankana told reporters on the purpose of his current visit.

The Iranian oil minister expressed his hope that “his talks with the Iraqi side will lead to fruitful results for the benefit of the two countries.”

“There are many opportunities for cooperation between Iran and Iraq ,” Ghadhbansaid, looking forward to the success of the bilateral talks.

In conclusion, the Iranian and Iraqi ministers said that during these discussions they will discuss the necessary coordination mechanisms at the level of OPEC.

Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangana and his delegation arrived in Baghdad on Thursday morning, where he was received by his Iraqi counterpart Thamer Ghadhban. link

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