Sunday UPDATE for January 13, 2019

Iraq TV is reporting to the citizens they are “not seeing an end in sight” regarding the differences in the chosen names for cabinet seats and that this is causing damage to their government.

Iraqi TV is reporting “no time table” for the completion of the cabinet voting. [Really? Is this a smoke screen…..Time Will Tell!]


Fullsail:  With contrarian thinking coming into play…. they have been saying its going any minute with no rv for years, so now they are saying no end in sight to determine cab members, it will probably go any minute, just sayin’ Keep The Faith

SusanaC:  there are many interests in iraq-iran relationship that are in opposition and in thing is certain the rv is done–we are waiting for the go….the price of oil is going up again and that is good for our exchange rate

RVAlready:  They can hide the RV behind the apparent chaos. Great smoke screens


Harambe:  AP News: Zimbabwe president doubles price of gas as fuel crisis bites


Tishwash:   After the closure lasted for years to end the siege Casts Central Bank of Iraq in central Baghdad

Shafaq News / Baghdad Municipality on Saturday raised the concrete blocks that surround the building of the Central Bank of Iraq in Al-Rashid Street in downtown Baghdad.

A statement issued by the Secretariat said today that it has also opened the alley adjacent to the Central Bank, which leads to Khan Murjan and Al-Samawil Street within Al-Rashid Street.

The statement noted that the Secretariat launched a campaign to lift the accumulated waste due to the closure   link

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