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Iko Ward:  Guys, Forex is open. Forex is trading. Forex HAS NOT reset the Dinar to the CBI 1166 rate. As my grandmother used to say, “The boys have locked themselves in their room and I don’t know what to think.”

  If IRAQI Dinar is a defunct currency, who is DOING all this trading???

DanBlessed:  Thanks IKO that’s why I asked earlier. Either forex people are fans of Columbus or they are up to something. I been watching all day.

Elmerf123456: Folks there’s absolutely no way to pay back derivatives they are 240 times the size of all the Currensy in the world who in the world could pay that back no one I’ve mentioned this before but of course this is my opinion only

  Elmer if they do write them off and reset does that put the same clowns in charge again

  In my opinion once we move from the Fiat system to an asset back system that will disallow for manipulation you can’t spend what you don’t have and you can only spend what you do have

Starchild:  assett backed – Basel 3 – replaces the Fiat system

Dreamsdocometrue:  It’s after 8pm…Forex is still at 1100.3 ….:w00t

Iko Ward :They always revert back to the 1166 so reset their spread for the next day. Hasn’t happened today.

  IQD still down on charts​22-pm-est-on-10122015/

Iko Ward :So we now have a nice little mystery. Forex did not revert to 1166 today and just polled 1.5. We are now in the Twilight Zone. Nobody I know can explain it.

NewCreation:  Be unchartered forex territory…woohoo…
Zebragirl:  New, it’s like Star Trek…going where no Forex has gone before 🙂