Bap: I just purchased some dong from a bank in my area. They had to order it in. I asked about any other banks that she might suggest. The teller indicated that a tier 1 bank in our city was closing their foreign exchange office. I inquired as to what was going on. She said that she did’t know, but they were closing it for 14 days. I wonder what that means???

Tishwash:  Dubai Quality Partnership with the Central Bank of Iraq

Dubai Quality Group has entered into a strategic partnership with the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), reflecting the efforts of both parties to implement quality and innovation practices and promote sustainable economic development.

The partnership includes cooperation and exchange of expertise in several main areas, including training programs accredited by the European Organization for Quality Management, as well as standard comparisons with UAE institutions, and organizing awareness workshops for employees to develop ideas and formulate visions and perceptions.

“The participation of the Central Bank of Iraq as an investment partner of the Group is a qualitative gesture, as it is a product of our process and we are constantly striving to consolidate the concepts and practices of quality, excellence and the culture of innovation in the region,” the Chairman of the Board said.

“Through this partnership, we will strive to establish the foundations of excellence in the administrative work of the Central Bank of Iraq, and we are keen to be committed to institutional excellence and the application of international quality standards, which will promote long-term sustainable growth to reach leadership and consolidate the UAE’s competitive position as a global hub. For innovation, quality and excellence, through more strategic partnerships within and outside the country. ”

The Director General of the Administrative Department of the Central Bank of Iraq, Saleh Mahoud, looking forward to the fullest possible benefit of this partnership. “We are delighted to join the Dubai Quality Group through this strategic partnership, which is an essential step for us to implement quality policy, excellence and innovation in a serious way. We are keen to apply quality within the Central Bank of Iraq in accordance with international best practices to improve the performance of the Bank, Success, achieving the Bank’s strategic objectives, and benefiting from excellence experiences in the UAE   link

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