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SouthernM:  Theory: If the Islamic new year is on 10/15 and the celebration begins at sundown the day before, which is at 5:30 pm on the 14th…That would be at 9:30 am edst and would be a wonderful time for them to announce the RV. Also because their exchange will be closed. Does that make sense to anyone else?

Iko Ward : it’s another one of those wait for 8PM EST evenings. Gold is still climbing the ladder. Crude sobered up at 47. The World markets showed a bit of red but all normal.

JackSmits: Iko i just sat down…why are we looking for a 1085 rate again?

Iko Ward : jacks, it was the original benchmark set two years ago by some Forex experts. In their opinion, if the rate was that low it meant that we had RV’d in the back room and were on our way.

Iko Ward: Forex is not adhering to the old pattern. It is not posting a 0.000 polling and even across the board at either the low or the high. I think the CBI is not reflecting what is going on in the back rooms. and therefor useless at this time.


Iko Ward :  The big story to date is brkkyngyrl’s post in the forum. No one seems to get how important that 1063 rate really is. THAT’S THE 1085 WE’RE ALL LOOKING FOR!!!!!

Brkkyngyrl:   Info from Travelex Currency Exchange in Dubai Airport on 10/11/2015…
Personal story…I arrived in Dubai around 11pm (United Arab Emirates {UAE} time) on Sunday to wait for a connecting flight.  I needed to exchange some US currency for some UAE Dirhams for the taxi ride to another departure terminal.  Out of curiosity, I asked the Travelex employee if they could exchange Iraqi Dinar for US dollars.

I would normally make an inquiry about the Iraqi Dinar when got to Dubai, and the answer was always “we do not exchange Iraqi Dinar’.  This time and to my surprise the travelex employee said yes, but the rate he quoted was 1063 Iraqi Dinars per US Dollar.

I didn’t get too excited because the rate I have been reading about for the Iraqi Dinar is higher than 1100, and of course, I didn’t exchange the Iraqi Dinar I had with me. No, it was not a large amount that I had, but I have been traveling with a small amount of various foreign currencies for the past few years just in case.

No, I have never been questioned by the airport authorities about the foreign currencies I do carry.  Not giving up on the RV/RI nor am I giving up any of my currencies….been in this game since 2003…was on the ground in Baghdad when the new Iraqi Dinar was put into circulation.

The RV/RI will happen when it happens.


PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce in good mood

PinkRoses: Bruce call: private placements exchanges just about wrapped up, maybe finishing tonight. certain sovereign nations been handled, process being completed, certain triggers in place to be accomplished. things are rolling out according to the plan. The authors of the plan are happy with the situation everyone finds themselves in.

Mangelo: Bruce call: sovereign nations are getting things done, we are not at the point of delay

PinkRoses:  Bruce CAll: the ISX being closed may influence this to go before or after holiday, like to go before holiday.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: we are in a good spot for this week

Mangelo: Bruce call: Iraq coins coming out on the 20th and we are at a crunch time

Pinkroses: Bruce call: hearing this week still to be good time slot. Iraq new 50m dinar and coins out in the 20th. Our new currency come out on the 20th. things are rolling out. Think we would have it by now, but still feel great this week.

LadyB22: Bruce call, SKR’s becoming liquid now.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: We are processing very well, and could well have this very shortly. Japan good size holder of dong, rupiah, dinar. They had that melt down in power facility. They are in a very serious way to have this GCR done, because they have funding to come in to get all clean up.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Japan is moving this along this too

PinkRoses: Bruce call: the two coins putting out to use by IRAQ for businesses, 50 thousand and 100 thousand dinar coins

Rocksme:  Governmental statement received by AIN cited “The CoM reviewed during its session of Tuesday the 2016 federal budget law draft and made the necessary notes over this draft,”

Rocksme:  Parliamentary source told AIN “Presidency of the parliament postponed Wednesday session till Thursday because Wednesday is holiday to celebrate the new Hijri Year according to the decision of the Council of Ministers.” /End/