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OkRocks: Iraqi Day‏ @iraqi_day (8am pt) A call with one of the #Iraqi Counter Terrorism fighter in west #Mosul ended quickly. (he had to get off phone saying this) “This is zero hour, this is the end, gotta go bro”

SassyD:  Iraqi Day @iraqi_day 4h4 hours ago BOOM #Russia airstrikes destroyed more than 32 #ISIS vehicles & killed over 120 militants trying #Raqqa to #Palmyra #Syria.

Eccle519:  The news is very good! I’m also trying to link US banks exchanging IQD this weekend to the “Zero Hour” last effort in Mosul? That’s a big leap since Iraq hardly ever moves that fast, but hopeful for it. I’m sure Tangible info (and/or reforms) will come forth out of all this soon!!

Eccle519:  I like the way they have surrounded ISIS with no escape and chance to re-group. Ever heard of a dog or similar animals holding a stick in it’s mouth and go stand in water up to their nose? All the fleas on that animal migrate to the stick and then it’s let go and the fleas drown. Isis are fleas!

Elmerf123456:  If you haven’t seen this yet, you will find these very informative.


Harambe:  BBC: Iraq starts new assault on Islamic State group in Mosul