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Duckdo: Remember how you felt when you found out the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus wasn’t real. Yup, it’s been like that after every 3 day weekend for the last 5 years.

Pearle: In my heart of hearts, I really think it’s close

OkRocks: #Iraq Counter Terrorism units control 95% of Al-Saha district in west #Mosul, a few more hours and it will announced fully liberated.

Yada: Considering the reforms being released is driving the RV and not Mosul, have to see this about to be released. Mosul is just a distraction.

OkRocks: As the Mosul news is given out look at it as a mirror of the real timeline IMO … even though we know much more is done as far as Mousl Our liberation is timed, so I look at Mosul news to give us the “mirror”


TNT: Monday UPDATE for May 29, 2017

Monday afternoon  reports….

– PM Abadi is in Mosul for an in-person view of the liberated locations. Iraqi TV (stateside) talks of preparations for celebrations projecting final completion for June 10, 2017.

– The IMF is expected to meet with the CBI on Wednesday.

– Leaflets are reportedly being being dropped in ISIS inhabited areas encouraging the citizens to evacuate.

– Full liberation is expected in one week.

– Bankers in Dubai are also hooked on seven days. Time Will Tell All!!! smile


Harambe:  Bloomberg: Vietnam’s PM Is Set to Meet With President Trump (5/29/17) Follow link to watch short video/interview.


G-Lin   Article:  “Central Bank Governor: Deposit Protection Law will be published very soon”

I read yesterday that the peeps still have their money under their mattresses. They tried to entice them with bonds and flood the market with USD and they still will not turn loose of their dinars.

I seriously think the only way they can pull dinars in is with an increase in value and this deposit protection in place. JMO.

Since Alak is doing the talking, I think it will happen soon.

Actually “very soon” as the art. states. The law that is.

Then maybe good things will follow.