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Elmerf123456: It is a good day and perhaps an even better week. Love Love Love the progress of Iraq and the dots that have been connected and the PROSPERITY Message coming loud and clear.

Elmerf123456: Ever tired of waiting?

Ever wait for something you think may never happen, but you never give up because you know it’s worth it?

Of course we all have felt that!

After awhile you start thinking if you should just give up because your tired of waiting and tired of being someone’s second choice…

Well think of it like this.

Perhaps what we are waiting for is actually waiting for us and we’re their first choice and they want it to go right!

It’s the right time and shared with the Love of a country that gave Blood for their Freedoms.


JCNoble:  elmer did you friend share what the financial difference would be between using the terms currency and bonds for Zim?

Elmerf123456:  JC yes they did but since we don’t know the actual rate it could be majorly significant from pennies to several dollars and depending on what you have that could be quite significant I would say so it’s better to walk on with possible knowledge

JCNoble:  elmer do you feel there is a reasonable chance for exchange this month with Mosul victory so close?

Elmerf123456:  JC I make it a habit not to get caught up in a timeline but all the evidence is fantastic and of course anything is possible we have never witnessed the bevy of news and in the order of which it is transpiring then we have now !   I personally have always believed that there would be no RV until the completion of Mosul. That piece brings stability security and unification the necessary three !

GTCNote:  Reality … to keep working and living your life and…don’t be waiting for this speculation to change your life.

Elmerf123456:  Gtc that is very true and something people should have been doing for a long time while staying grounded

Yada:  Im of the mind that Mosul is as liberated as it needs to be for the release of the RV,,,,it is happening while they clean up the neighborhoods,,,  continuing to wait for COMPLETE liberation would be the same as waiting for peace in the middle east,,,,,,

NWMontana:  Iraqi Day @iraqi_day 11m11 minutes ago More #BREAKING Complete collapse of #ISIS inside #Mosul Old city, #Iraq Joint Operations announced Ras Al-Jada & Al-Beith completely liberated.


Luvulfs:  This was sent to me, not sure on the reliability of this, but I like it

The ZANU PF government claims that China has cancelled a number of Zimbabwe’s debts.

An article appearing in the state media makes claim to a transaction whose figure is neither known nor declared, the latter factor which raises eyebrows if ever the reported cancellation was effected.

But the state media goes on to claim Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and China’s Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Zhang Ming have even performed a signing protocol ceremony to seal the cancellation.

The debt cancellation was first announced in 2015 when China’s President Xi Jinping visited Zimbabwe and met President Mugabe, the report goes on to say.

It says the deal was formalised last week when Vice-Minister Ming visited Zimbabwe and met President Mugabe before signing the protocol for debt cancellation with Minister Mumbengegwi.

“It was recalled that during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Zimbabwe in 2015, he announced the cancellation of a number of debts owed by Zimbabwe to China.

His Excellency President Mugabe expressed Zimbabwe’s profound gratitude for this fraternal gesture, which reflected the strong bonds of amity and solidarity between the two countries and peoples,” said the Foreign Affairs Ministry yesterday.

“In that context, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cde Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, and the Chinese Vice-Minister signed the protocol formalising the cancellation of those debts.”

Vice-Minister Ming, who arrived on Thursday and leaves today, met President Mugabe and apprised the Head of State and Government on implementation of deals in the energy, infrastructure and aviation sectors.

He also delivered a special message to President Mugabe from President Xi.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “His Excellency President Mugabe received a comprehensive briefing on the status of various projects on which Zimbabwe and China are co-operating, in such areas as energy, infrastructure and aviation, and on China’s determination to increase investment and cooperation in various sectors of Zimbabwe’s economy, as well as to increase access to the Chinese market for Zimbabwe’s agricultural products.

“Vice-Minister Zhang further informed His Excellency the President that steps and measures were being taken to accelerate the implementation of the various mega deals that were agreed during President Mugabe’s visit to China in 2014 and during President Xi’s visit to Zimbabwe in 2015.”

Zimbabwe and China sealed landmark deals worth more than US$4 billion during President Mugabe’s State visit to the Asian country in 2014.

President Xi paid a reciprocal State visit to Zimbabwe in 2015 where he, together with President Mugabe, oversaw the signing of more agreements covering power generation, roads, rail, ICT and wildlife protection.

“The role played by the close personal relationship between His Excellency President Mugabe and President Xi Jinping, which has provided the impetus for ongoing collaboration on several projects, was emphasised.

“The reform of the United Nations Security Council, on which the two countries are in full agreement, was discussed. The correctness of the African Common Position as enunciated in the Ezulwini Consensus and the Sirte Declaration was reaffirmed during the discussion,” said the Foreign Affairs Ministry.- state media