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Dinara: The CBI meets tomorrow at the G20 also. Supposed to be ready to sign off on the agreed contracts associated with the value of currency ect. Just because Iraq is Liberated doesn’t mean it will happen tonight…

Tony said several years ago that it will come out 1 to 1 and it has. It can take a day or up to a week even to raise in the value. They sign papers tomorrow and it might need to wait until after that

On Open Mic it was said there are Soveriegn Rates which are highest then Contract Rates (China) and then Street Rate (International) and Wait for your appointment at the Exchange Center…It will be worth it! Banks will be lowest international rate with no negotiations

Some people say that the soveriegn rates are only for countries however there are some groups that are soveriegn… You can ask for soveriegn rates..All they can do is say no.

Next is the contract rates which are the Chinese Rates…Then the street/bank rates. If you want to make a deal for higher it was said you need to go to your appointment for the exchange center otherwise you will get the lowest rate.

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