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The Big Call Highlights

Seabreeze:  Bruce’s call – says calm before the storm …he’s greeting Ken

Goodsnag:  Bruce..quiet before storm..

Mangelo: Bruce call: we shouldn’t be caught not being prepared

Mangelo:  Bruce call: announcement on Abadi made is unconfirmed, prosperity packages are in place, platforms are in process …groups are soon

PinkRoses: Bruce call: We are at point watching everything coming together. the rates on some of the currency very very good, higher than we thought. We are in position to watch it come to us. WE are very very close to the fulfillment to it. The end of the ride. You will be very very pleased to hang in there

Mangelo: Bruce Call: rates are very high, higher than we thought, can’t tell you how much longer but we are very very close now

Mangelo:  Bruce call: have you plan your plans out, and pray about it.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: stay strong, be thinking how you going to take this new wealth and what to do with it. Your needs, to tithe, grow it to continue to give it like an endowment fund, to give more. Just not want to spend the money.

Mangelo: Bruce call: less is more, simply, freedom to enjoy your life

Mangelo:  Bruce call: we have to watch the nda’s…watch the fine print, the banks will be in control of investment you may not know about

PinkRoses: Bruce call: Not want our position to possess us. If you have too much, it becomes a burden. Simplicity is the way I am going to go. Freedom to enjoy your life, to come and go without worring about things here and there. I hear in some cases we need to watch the NDAS when we exchange, the fine print. In some cases the bank will be in control of the funds placed there. They may want to do investments we dont know about. Be in touch with your wealth management so you know what is going on.
Mangelo: Bruce call: you heard how the stock market is going, be careful… Bruce call: check where your money is protected

PinkRoses: Bruce call: You dont need be the expert but in conversation with your banker. You can make money where it is safe, is good. Work very close with your wealth manager. Dont be in the dark. Having this money will be new for most of us.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: q & a starting

Mangelo:  Bruce call: if you have zim your good to go with wf

Pinkroses: Bruce call: someone sent in a question: If a person only has ZIM, do they have to have dinar or dong to exchange the ZIM? Bruce: No, as far as WF you are good to go. Recommendation is to call ahead, use the 800# to set the appt. They want to know what currency you are carrying and you can tell them.

Pinkroses: Bruce call: caller: If Iraq going to RV and take off 3 zeros, what about the coins? Bruce: It is a 50 thousand coin and another coin (missed it). It is a large coin not used by the general public very much.

PinRoses: Bruce call: caller: You have 3 banks and divide up your currency with 3 banks. The tier 2 banks will some of them be competitive with the tier 1 banks? Bruce: I heard with some yes.

Mangelo: Bruce call: let’s say you have 3 banks, tier 2 banks will still be competitive,( yes) Bruce said in some cases

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: Do the banks give the interest bank to you? Do they charge you interest with the money? Bruce: Time deposit accts, you agree to leave money in the bank a period of 5 years that you negotiate a rate you are comfortable with, They will pay out monthly or quarterly. Theory is the principle stays intact. You can put interest in a separte acct if you wish. The bank will offer that service.

Mangelo:  Bruce call; time deposit accounts, example 50 million and notigate a rate and to a certain point, some account may be compounded daily. ,

Pink roses: Bruce: More than likely it will be set up it is an account, idk if it like a CD if you take it out early you be penalized. The interest you make in that account is your money and you have access to it. Access to the prinicple? IDK

Mangelo: Bruce call; if you take out the interest on your account, quarterly. you have to check if have access to the principal

Pinkroses: Bruce: If you have passive income, I am not an accountant, you would pay taxes on the money earned, and reportable as income. It is interest income.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: ask the cpa if the interest is taxable

Pinkroses:  Bruce: Check with your CPA as soon as you can to what you got and ask questions.

Mangelo:  Bruce call : some people have a hard time on the validity of the zim

Mngelo:  Bruce call: those outside the country of Zimbabe would be allowed to exchange it’s in the low twenty’s

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: appreciation, situation with friends that having hard time understanding the validity of the ZIM being exchanged. Bruce: The ZIM holders will exchange 21 to 38 days after this RV goes down. The rate were yesterday in the low 20s, i believe it will stay in that range, may go up a little bit. WE will be able to exchange the ZIM with the tier 1 banks

LadyB22: Bruce call. Our zim rates are backed by China.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: The ZIM is backed by China and China wants the ZIM to be a decent currency.

JoyDancing:  Let me see if I understand this with the zim once RV is announced those holding zim have between 21-38 days to do their exchange is this a correct statement ? thank you

MerryM: Yes, that is correct Joydancing

Mangelo: Bruce call: caller saying some of these people feel not worthy of this money, because they feel it’s not logical

PinkRoses: Bruce call: Bruce: There are people that I have considered if they could handle this. I felt they couldnt and didnt talk to them about it. On the face of it is it logical? No it isnt logical. If you try to look at it logically, you not the one for this situation. It requires faith.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: question? Interest bank thing, negotiating the interest how much up to? Bruce: the right bank right amount of money up to 8% or more.

PinkRoses: Bruce: 50 million left in bank for 5 years

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Get with a good team of wealth management people and they will look out for you. They want to make money so they will help you to make money.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: NDA question, I remember DC said not to talk about it, is it complicated still? Bruce: I wouldnt drag an attorney with you, unless it very complicated. If you have someone help you to understand the document or read it with you as an advisor not a bad idea, like a financial advisor.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: It may be only a page and half, some might be longer. The general emphasis is keeping it quiet, confidental, dont take it to the news, dont put it in a book, common sense. You want to keep it private. You need to read it to see what it will allow you to do. IDK, I havent seen it yet.

Mangelo: Bruce call could be a page an a half, in some cases will be longer.

Pinkroses: Bruce call: caller: there been an email going around that came out from Iraq to a member of OM. This email contains a day to day schedule roll out for the process of the RV.

Pinkroses: Bruce: I choose not to bring that info on the call tonight. Not going to address it It was not designed for public consumption. Anything with a time line, schedule, realize as a disclaimer it may be a rough estimate. It looks good based on the schedule, but not talk bout it, it may affect the outcome of it.

PinkRoses: Bruce: Rayren and Tonys call, it is their info, it is best to let them discuss that info within their room, their blog. I wish to thank those from TNT that transcribe our call. It is a great service. WE want to be a uniter, not a divider.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: question: How have these people that have got to exchange been chosen? Bruce: People that have gone in say since last Sat and done exchanges, some of them whales, privileged. They knew their wealth managers, may have obtained their currency through that bank and already a VIP with the bank.

Mangelo: Bruce call: private exchanges since saturday are whales, they know the President of the bank, and most of us bought our currency from dealers

Mangelo: Bruce call: we are part of a group, the internet group, because we are aware of what’s going on

PinkRoses: Bruce call: Bruce: most of us bought our currency with dealers and travelex. we dont know reason for some of this, some for testing, some for training. Most of us not part of it. Are you the public? I would call some of you a part of group, others the internet public because you are aware of the process. You guys will be considered will be part of the internet public considered like a group.

Mangelo: Bruce call: some of the public are those that find out about down the road are the public

PinkRoses: Bruce: others given up hope, not aware, forgotten those guys a sock drawer public. They will find out at a later date, down the road. But you who are tuned in, you guys are part of what I call the internet group, they have plans to roll this out to you. That is how I understand it.

Mangelo: Bruce call: I don’t understand how some wm (Wealth Managers) are not all up to speed with this

PinkRoses: Bruce: Bruce: Once this goes down, and it is live on all screens, the bank managers got the memos, they going to change their tune. All the banks should be notified already. Some are ready, some not ready to handle exchanges.

Mangelo: Bruce call: once this is all public, you will see all the wm working hard on this then, not all banks are ready

PinkRoses: Bruce: caller: needed to know what group we are considered in. Bruce: alot of the callers, listeners are WF group, and internet group.

Mangelo: Bruce call: 19th and the 20th are key dates

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: is the 20th important? Bruce: the 20th i feel is significant

PinkRoses: Bruce: caller: read today the panic that may set in when people become wealthy all sudden. Bruce: that is the last thing we want to speak about. People will react differently. I will be calm as most people. WE plan, I dont see Ken acting in a panic, most of us are leveled headed and will act accordingly. Not looking for a panic with this. I dont think the PTB is.

PinkRoses: Bruce: We will see who has influence and who doesnt have influence when this is over.

Mangelo: Bruce call: do you think it will happen on the 20th or after…no I see they want it before the 20th

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: This will go by the 20 or end of month? Bruce: everything pointing to going sooner than that. We should be there by then or sooner. Unless they move the date for some of these things, everything is set to go. It is a process and proceeding along the lines they meant it to go.

Mangelo: Bruce call: how likely is the 20th is the day? certurn things are to happen with Iraq on that date

Pinkroses: Bruce: caller: I hearing different things, by the 20th this finally goes through. How likely is that? Bruce: It looks like certain things set to happen right before or by the 20th by Iraq. We could be there by then. We not going to paint back walls, or talk about deadlines. WE not in busy painting ourselves in a corner.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: Everything rolling along nicely. One day at a time, plan it out, live each day for today.

PinkRoses: Bruce: The ‘Chinesse currency, yuan, is sort of the common term for their currency. Remimbni is the trader term. It is to become a reserve currency along with the USD. In future we may have a ME reserve currency, might be the Iraqi dinar.
Mangelo: Bruce call: China Yuan is going to be the second currency on the 20th we might have a middle east currency

Pinkroses: Bruce call: caller: Iran sanctions lifted 18th? Bruce: It supposed to, but heard today it maybe delayed. I dont know for sure if it is true or not. The rial suppose to go 24, 48 hours after the dinar.

Mangelo: Bruce call: Iran is sanctions being lifted, I think it is delayed, but the real is supposed to go 24 to 48 hours after the dinar

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: question: calling in on a disposable phone, having a separte mail box Bruce: on the phone like a trac phone, nothing wrong with that, I wouldnt worry about calling into a call center to set an appt on a regular old phone. The PO box, it is a good idea. If you do have a mail box at the house, there are mail boxes out there that are solid, metal, like the mail boxes at the post office, you need a key to open it.

Pinkroses: Bruce: Those mail boxes are not expensive to install. You want to have your important mail forwarded to your attorney office, or PO box and have your assistant pick it up

PinkRoses: Bruce call: When you are ready and may want to encrypt your emails

Mangelo: Bruce caller: caller on health talk

Mangelo: Bruce call: fiat or gold back….the dollar is dollar

Pinkroses:  Bruce call: caller: question: about the fiat and gold backed Bruce: the dollar amount wouldnt change. The dollar will be worth a dollar in this country. The exchange we do is gold backed by the trns

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: Is it good to invest in the China currency? Bruce: the Chinas currency looks to be a reserve currency, maybe something you want to look into, cant recommend something you should do.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: queston: Documentation on proof of residence for exchange? Bruce: if you have a family member with last name, or someone you can use residence? Caller: No, I am alone in process.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: Bruce: I dont know if it necessary, if you have a Drivers license? Caller: Yes Bruce: Maybe contact them, consider using their address temporary with their permission.

Pinkroses:  Bruce call: If you have old passport, or two photo IDs besides your license be great.

Mangelo: Bruce call: closing, see you on the 2oth…closing prayer

PinkRoses:  Bruce: WE plan to have a call Tuesday night, see if we celebrate or not. Call over.