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Zzzzzzzz: Has anyone mentioned this Iraq bond yet?…​n-coming-weeks–sources-20170718-00968

Annie68:  Very interesting and by the end of the month??


Tishwash:  Saleh: The Iraqi dinar is stable and there are no fears of his collapse in front of foreign currencies.

The Prime Minister’s advisor for Economic Affairs has confirmed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, settling the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies, and there are no fears of a deterioration of its value.

Saleh added that some were seeking to reduce the value of the Iraqi currency to foreign exchange for profit only, and on foreign debt and borrowing, Mohammad Saleh said the internal and external borrowing process to finance the budget deficit is a process that is not deflationary as some claim but is a stimulating and expansionary process that fights deflation and does not affect the Iraqi economy.  link