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Yada: Friday we read the ultimatum the IMF gave and pushing up of the scheduled meeting of parliament to vote on the supplemental budget. Saturday we see they voted it through. And article mentioned voting in Monday but I think it meant ratification. Believe we will see the completion which leads to the release of the RV. Be encouraged.

Semperfi01:  After nothing but glitches Friday and Saturday,and completely down all day Sunday this morning the CBI host site is back up with new pictures. Can you say here we go.

OKRocks:  Twilight News / parliamentary source said on Monday that the House of ​Representatives has completed two readings of the draft laws, and vote​d to amend the fiscal budget of the Iraqi state for the current year. ​​b77552

SassyD:  I have no idea where this is going—– Iraqi Day @iraqi_day 17h17 hours ago #Iraqi politicians are about to take the people on a roller coaster ride that will go up, down, left, right, left, right and finally down. —

SonofGod: The index of the Iraqi market for securities increased significantly in the number and value of shares traded during the last week, at the time of the implementation of a deal exceeded 10 billion shares during the same week.​as-been-concluded-in-the-iraqi-stock-market/

Tidbits from WangDangs Call 7-23-17:

We know that the IMF has been satisfied with them since 2012 as far as keeping their currency stable. Iraq is rich. The UN is not being subtle right now. The UN is telling them to get off their a$$ and do it now.

Abadi wants this thing done. But Maliki/Iran and his party are the ones trying to get in the way.

No one will open that Supplemental budget until the reforms have been passed. That’s why the UN is there making them to implement the reforms. Once it’s done, the LD’s and things will roll out.

UN has been telling Iraq the same thing for the pass 4 to 5 years. They need to implement the National Reconciliation for the protection of the Iraqi people. They need to share the oil profits with the people.

Donald Trump came in and did what Bush & Obama wouldn’t do. Trump is going to smoke Maliki and others as he’s telling them to get out of Abadi’s way.

The Dawa party is holding this thing up but S.W.A.T. is getting ready to clean them up.