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Dr.MJRandy: Once again it is supposed to be our week. Going into year 15 for me. Whew. Are we having fun yet?

Spiritled77: Ok people where oh where is our RV…. did we lose it????? Sometimes I believe that the higher ups you know the 1% “They” don’t want us little people having this much money cause they are afraid of all the goodness that will come out of it!!! I really don’t understand these greedy people at the top

PilotJim: It’s not greed .. it’s power

LynnieQ: One thing for sure. The excitement of a few weeks ago is gone!

Dinara: I’m still excited until after August 1st…. I feel some are being misled intentionally and are just being used to spread rumors. It gets people excited and then they are let down. Stay focused on the facts of all that has happened. No one knows the exact minute or day but I am still excited that it is closer than ever

Yada: lynnieg,,IM still very excited to where we are,,,,,I don’t stray off the reservation of opinions making it easier to remain focused,,,,,,,,Ive seen some with ideas they brought in and believe, after all this time, still don’t know what is going on

RVAlready:  There is silence from Iraq and the IMF, But nobody is even hinting that the RV and the loan aren’t happening. Since the meeting has been announced, and was moved up to Aug 1 at Iraq’s request, I think there will be an RV, Because neither side wants a failure after 15 years of waiting…. This process is on absolute lockdown, behind big closed steel doors.

Dogmom43:  rvalready – then maybe just maybe all the quiet is a good thing

Dr.MJRandy:  The President of Iran has stated that on or before August 5th of this year They are to “add value” to their currency.

SassyD:  5 Banks Settle Currency Rigging Lawsuit in US —​le-currency-rigging-lawsuit-in-us