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SpiritWalker2012 : Sometimes when they put a date out there, things have already been done!


GeorgiaPeach :
 They usually do it before that date!!!!


 If someone would have told me 5 yrs ago before I got on this roller coaster that we wouldn’t have a chance of seeing this before: 1. Chinese currency becomes a reserve currency, on par w/ USD; 2. Russia would control the ME and; 3. The Mets and Cubs would play for the NLCS, I would have asked what they were smoking and never spent a penny on that funny looking, smelly Iraqi Deenar… 🙂


Rightway:  EXCITING NEWS from a small town bank

Sign on my small hometown bank today ” Bank will close at 4 pm Oct 21st for training on upcoming conversion  ”

This is a small bank in a town of 4000 and part of a local chain of 30 small regional banks.

I am SO Excited


Lealoha:  Free Energy, Free Food, Free Medicine, Free Shelter!!!! This is amazing!! Please people, please watch ….what we’ve all been waiting for!!

Red: The inventor of this free electrical machine tried to introduce it here in the United States he was threatened with prison term so he left the country he finally found a country that would open the invention with wide open arms and a heart to bless people and not squeeze the last penny out of their wallets