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Elmerf123456:  The shakeout in emerging markets may have claimed the scalp of one of Wall Street’s most successful investors. The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday that Michael Novogratz recently decamped from Fortress Investment Group and shuttered his macro hedge fund amid turmoil in Brazil.

According to the publication, Novogratz lost about $100 million in the last two months alone, and came on the heels of a $150 million bath the fund took on a wrong bet placed on the Swiss franc.

 I reported Fortress issues last week. Well now you know the rest of the story! Derivative failure ! Yes it’s happening

  hi elmer123456, do you know if “shuttered” means everybody got their money back? Ty

  Nope LOST!….. That makes 7 Huge Hedge Funds done now!… I’m very interested to see how this plays in the market tomorrow. Can’t prop it up forever.
Brendad: elmer123456 This is getting very interesting. The bigguns are falling. The bigger you are, the harder you fall.

Elmerf123456:  Brendad correct! I will be back later. Have fun folks. Life’s gonna change for the select few very soon. you on the list? Lol. Of course you are!


  Iraq issues arrest warrant for trade minister on graft charges – officials – Reuter

Iraq issues arrest warrant for trade minister on graft charges – officials – Reuters
BAGHDAD, Oct 18 (Reuters) – Iraqi authorities have called for the arrest of Trade Minister Mohammed Abdul Kareem and his brother following a corruption investigation, judicial spokesman Abdul-Sattar al-Birqdar said on Sunday.

Two officials at the trade ministry’s legal section said the minister faced charges related to accepting bribes, receiving illegal benefits, and misusing his position.



 Ok guys I have a partner that has some serious contacts of his own. They said according to their info from WSJ the dates are the 19th &/or 20th.They do not watch dinar land nor listen to the calls they are on their own

Savvy1Sez:  Good Morning. I just got a confirmation on the info for the 20th. They were informed 1 month ago.  It’s planned!

Enforcement were told 1 month ago to prepare for the 20th.

They have been and are ready according to my friends. Yes, confirmed crash.
The crash is planned for the 20th

If sanctions are removed from Iran tomorrow as scheduled, then the rial is once again an international currency. They will increase as it was negogiaed with the sanctions. Christine LeGarde will be making an announcement Tuesday as well as the Vatican.

Could it be the monetary reset and Papal Jubilee??? Hoping & praying!

JackSmits :
i DO think that the iranian rial will move upward upon lifting of the sanctions

 Savvy1Sez :yes, today is scheduled.  18th.


[LAS] Nuke deal between Iran and world powers takes effect Gregory Korte, USA TODAY 7:38 a.m. EDT October 18, 2015 WASHINGTON — President Obama will sign an order Sunday directing his administration to begin issuing waivers to Iran nuclear sanctions — but the waivers will only go into effect once Iran meets its obligations under the agreement limiting its nuclear program, senior administration officials said.


Blessed and HighlyFavored:  It’s ‘Adoption Day’ — launch time for the Iran nuclear deal​y/index.html

IvanTulafitov : House of Representatives read and vote on the five laws and to raise its tomorrow ( to raise its tomorrow is just a bad translation of ” will happen on or will be tomorrow ” )

IvanTulafitov : under the chairmanship of Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 234 deputies, the laws and the decision not to empty the country of competencies, while finished reading three bills

IvanTulafitov L According to a statement of the Council received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “The House of Representatives voted in its session on Sunday,
IvanTulafitov : the englsh version of this site

is pretty much been forgotten about I think they do not update it much at all
if you go to the arabic and right click translate you can get a better idea from just reading headlines


Meme10:  I am surprised that it didn’t go last night during that magical times that banks “reset” or whatever they do while all banks are closed .

 meme me to but they may have it ready for tonight or tomorrow just have to wait and see

IvanTulafitov : investment law will be voted on monday 19th – they go in usually 11 am their time to around 3ish so figure about 8am eastern tomorrow that should be done … right on time for the RV (already in progress )

 Good morning all. It is now 5:45PM in Bagdad on Sunday, Oct. 18. So here is my reservation about this going down by the 20th: nothing big generally happens on Mondays because the banks are processing and reconciling the weekends transactions; there is no way they would telegraph the announcement of the Chinese yuan becoming a reserve currency this much in advance of it happening.

As Tony would say, “who does this make sense to?”   I’m not being pessimistic here, just realistically cautious. 5 years in this has taught me to not let emotion cloud my observation of the intel.

  drpete I’ve always been a tuesday thru thursday window person

Iko Ward:
  drpete’s analysis makes perfect sense, and that’s what is so perfect. None of this makes any sense so just be ready. Tonight is going to be a fascinating evening on the early indicators. Forex at 8, the Chinese at 9:30, Europe at 3:13AM, and then the grand wahzoo tomorrow morning around 710. As Pam said eaRLier, BE THERE OR BE SQUARE

IvanTulafitov : Iko also Parliament vote should be a done deal by 8 am Eastern ( apx 4pm Iraq time)