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Sunny: Frank26 CC Update, Monday, July 30, 2018 – TA DA FREAKIN DA!

Previously, Frank had gone silent for a few weeks because there were leaks of information coming out of Iraq and he did not want to talk about them until the information was in print.  Frank was all in blue. -Sunny

FRANK26 CC UPDATE, Monday, July 30, 2018


[Frank]:  We told you when the time would come they would explain very clearly and they did in the last two weeks. This whole conference call is in my opinion but so much of it can be backed up now.  It’s best the CBI and GOI put it in print and then we can talk about it.

I don’t give dates and rates but there is a date. All agreements have a date. What is that date?  Heck if I know.  . . They are well past that suitable environment.  . . I don’t know that date but IMO it’s within 2018 at any moment they are ready to do so.

IMF said not giving them any more loans, any more money.    When have you ever seen the IMF back away from giving Iraq money? . . .I’ll wait . . . The answer is Never!    No more loans, no more money.  This is a screaming leak, IMO.  The CBI is soon to come out with a change in their exchange rate.

Iraq also answers to the AMF – Arab Monetary Fund. The AMF said they’d give them loans.
1:1 outside Iraq is not enough is it?  The AMF does not want them to increase the value of where they come out at and the IMF might want them to increase and come out at a higher rate.  There is a catch 22 between the AMF and the IMF.

The IMF has backed away, because the Iraqis met all their obligations.  All the obligations on the restrictions that was placed on them by the UNSC.  I believe their budget is perfect.  I believe a lot of things are in place for the RI of the currency of Iraq.

Third Leak:  Mrs.Kamin, a Parliament Financial Committee Member for many years.

[Frank]:  She comes out of nowhere and says, “I’m going to be talking to all of you here about our economic policy and about our ‘new paper,’ that will serve as new paper.  A currency financial report is what I’m going to be turning into the CBI concerning this ‘new paper.’   That is a HUGE leak!  For real.  Lady, your going going to be handing in a currency financial report about a program rate, are you?!  Of course not, silly rabbit! . . . a new report and a new currency. . .  Shut up!  Your talking about the Reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar! . .

That is so blatant!. . . She’s talking basically about the education that has been given to the citizens of Iraq.  She is not talking about an old program rate!

2nd Article:  [Frank]:  The 2nd article is coming to print. . . there is a draft. . . Walkingstick has seen the draft. The wording of the 2nd article is complete.

Abadi and the GOI are seated.  They are still in control until they replace them. . . Abadi and the GOI are not waiting for anything. . . Look at Fentech. . . Look at block chain.   Abadi and the GOI did not wait.  Stock market upgrade.  Abadi and the GOI are not waiting. . . They are all for International standards.

The compliance of Article 8 for a non-seated government – Abadi has sure accomplished a lot.  Abadi and the GOI has accomplished much. . . Look what the Finance Minister has done . . . the Planning Minister. . . and many other government departments have been all over the news like a seated government.   You’ve been reading these articles have you not.

The GOI and Abadi act as a well functioning government under the leadership of Abadi, and the rest of the world is watching.

The protesters of Maliki and his crew, the Iranian idiot, NO!  Only two or three provinces supposedly protesting and actually had little to no voter turnout in the elections.  It’s false.  It’s a farce.   It’s fake news!  You don’t think Abadi knew . . . Maliki would stick his big nose in there and try to mess this up.

Abadi stayed very calm and so did Sadr.  Abadi is proving to the world that both he and Sadr are capable of leading this country of Iraq with no fear tactics but instead with a reconciliation.  With no stealing of Iraq’s funds but instead an increase of the reserves.

No longer the mistreatment of the citizens of Iraq. The citizens have been educated to know and the citizens are very happy about this.  And they are bragging about this.

Pres.  Donald Trump is supporting the demands of the demonstrators in Iraq. . . Jared Kushner has been groomed by Donald Trump to be a middle east expert.  . . Iraq’s financial reform is of great interest to the USA.  IMO, . . .I believe on Donald Trump’s desk is a document that he has to deal with on Iraq. Whatever the document contains, two very powerful reports.

WS told you very clearly to watch what Saudi Arabia and Kuwait do. . . Give you a hint . . . Saudi Arabia is opening up branches in Saudi that represent the CBI and the CBI is opening banks in Baghdad that represent Saudi Arabian banks. Hello!

Kuwait . . . is very close to swapping their currency with the Iraqi dinar currency.  Along with this you also have the President of the Iraqi Private Banking Association that just last week is reaching out to all private banks in Iraq and telling them to . . . get into Iraq and open their branches in all the gulf states, especially in Iraq.  Dubai was one.  We told you that on Friday.

Three countries in the last few days have been in talks to open their banks in Iraq and to have it done in their country representing Iraq.  That is INTERNATIONAL STATUS with Iraq!  Under sanctions, program rate, restrictions, this could not happen!   This beast could not breath in this environment!

The things, the RI of the Iraq Dinar are right in front of you, whether you understand them or not.  What’s the delay?   There is no delay!  It’s a lava flow.  There is no delay in a lava flow.  Even when it cools it will cut you.

WS told you directly they are telling you the things they want you to know in print.  Remember that statement from him?

All the currencies that the CBI will use in the ME will be in part of a ME basket.  Hello!  . . .Which currencies are in the ME basket with Iraq?  Go to the CBI website and see what banks are doing business with them. Hello!  Hmmm!

. . . All those currencies, all those banks have all been calculated.  . . They have all been backed, whether it be gold backed, asset backed, whatever.  They have ALL BEEN BACKED!  . . .They are ready.

I can tell you what was printed.  They wanted five currencies in the basket. . . IMO, in the last few months their has been talk of putting seven currencies in that basket. . . And the latest, IMO is it might be five to eight currencies in that basket.  Are you having fun?  There is so much more.

This 2nd article is like a huddle in football where the play is being called.  The 2nd article is the play you are about to run.  The huddle is the citizens and you call “break” and the citizens go line up . . . at the bank.

The 2nd article will hit you . . . hard like a sack of rocks across the face. . . It’s aimed at the International world, along with the citizens to also understand very clearly that they are now part of global trade with no restrictions on their currency. . .

(Frank reviewed Pres. Trump actions against Turkey, Iran and Venezuela that has resulted in their currencies dropping significantly)

Why do you think Saudi Arabia is deeply involved with Kurdistan!   They are deeply involved with Kurdistan.  They are doing a lot of business . . . and doing business  with each other’s banks.  All right on the borders of Iraq.  All of this IMO because Donald Trump is allowing it.

The ME is well calculated family, by Donald Trump, the businessman and their ain’t a darn thing that Iran or Russia or anybody can do about it.  We are winning the ME.  We are no longer the infidels. We are their business partner and they love it!

When the RI goes in Iraq, Iran will be pushed aside if they don’t play along fairly with their economy. . . their currency . . . exchange rate . . .nuclear proliferation.  Iraq is dealing with Kuwait and other ME countries to deal with Iran’s foolishness.  The election is just the latest example.  Criminal files will be next IMO.  The protests are not against Sadr or Abadi but against the jobs that have been lost because of the stupid Iranian influence. . .

A Few More Leaks:  Lebanon wanted to be paid $1.5 billion dollars “since the value of the dinar has changed.”    Frank:  Another leak.

[Frank]:   The IMF praised the CBI and wanted the lifting of all barriers/financial restrictions against Iraq. . . Next they are going to say they won’t loan them any more money because they are going to raise their value anyway.  Shut up!

Now based OMO the lifting off all barriers have been removed. . . And they did this on Wed.,  July 25th.  Unfreezing assets, taking out of OPEC. . . Then Iraq comes back and says maybe on the 5th of August we will hook up our Iraq Stock Exchange with the Kurdistan Stock Exchange and put it out there . . . on an International Stage. Global trading?  Yeah!  You already kinda do that but nobody does anything with your penny stock value.   Well, we won’t have that no more because . . . we just said Kurdistan will join us.

Hmm, that’s interesting.  And we are electronic . . . so any files . . . any portfolios would be instantly delivered, would they not?  Yeah!   And that’s an International standard isn’t it?  Yeah, I guess it is.  It’s very interesting.

. . . They are showing you that they (IMF, UNSC) have lifted all restrictions!  Might still be some military sanctions that still are there, but that’s it!

I feel Pres. Donald Trump has some documents to sign . . . a release IMO and IMO, Abadi and Sadr and the GOI and the CBI are dying to hear from Pres. Trump.

So many countries placing their banks in each other’s countries is an International Statement of the Mandate of the fantastic four. (IMF, WB, UST and President Donald Trump)
[Frank]:  President Trump, his trade deals will support and accelerate our economic growth in the US.  And the Iraqi Dinar is pegged to it. Equally. Admitted so.  And our GDP is at 4.1.  You see the pieces falling in together.

. . . In the first quarter Iraq used Article 8 to get 2% compliance.  . . since they used Article 8 implying that they are Article 8 and they had no IMF restrictions in order to use Article 8 not only for the 2% compliance but also for the lifting of all Iraq restrictions. . . TA DA FREAKIN DA!!! . . .They have accomplished the RI requirements of the fantastic four!

. . . The RI is at the cusp of it’s announcement. They can announce it’s implementation at any time they want.

President Trump a few days ago gave Iraq $850 million dollars, because the IMF is not going to loan them anymore.   Why?  For military purposes. . . Remember I told you the only sanctions that are still left are military.   If your going to buy weapons it will be direct. . . IMO, Donald Trump got some promises to go along with this power, military power . . . and it might be sitting on his desk. . .

Article: The absence of small monetary categories is detrimental to the stability of the local economy

TNT Forum Post:

[Frank]:   This article is amazing! . . It’s from the citizens of Iraq, . . .vendors . . .mom and pops of Iraq because they have been educated.  Because WS has to pay his employees electronically the citizens suspected something.  This article . . . coming out is for a darn good reason.

. . . The 250, 500 and 1,000 currencies are worn out.  They are the most widely used currencies right now in the streets of Iraq because they are required in order to give change back . . . when they buy something.  These are the LD’s they use right now because the exchange rate is so low.  Write that down . . .

But once they RI their currency the small notes will be replacing the LD’s of 250, 500 and 1,000 with what?  Ready?   With four (4) coins!   With a 1 dinar, a 5 dinar, 10 dinar and possibly 20 or 25 dinar.  We don’t know yet.  A 50 and a 100 note.   Because the exchange rate will have gone up!

. . .From this point on this is how we differentiate.  A long time ago I said, ‘stop saying lower denom’s.’  I want you to say small notes. . .The lower denom’s the citizens are using right now . . . have zero’s in them.  More than one.

Re -Instatement:  . . .[Frank]:  Because the exchange rate has not RI’d yet when they do both the LD’s and the new small notes will co-exist for a number of years until the balance of their currency has been met in the markets and also . . .this RI that introduces the new small notes with the current lower denom’s . . . will be called a Re-Denomination.   Just like Turkmanistan did!  WS said this is another major leap.  A major galactic leap.  Get off that boat about delays!  It’s going on right before your eyes!

. . . Do they care about you as an investor?  No!   They only care  about the citizen and the global markets because the citizens are an RI and the global markets is an RV.  . . .

They (the Iraqi citizens) recognize that the IQD is soon to go International.  They recognize that their currency – and this is huge-  is equal to it’s counterpart, the American Dollar!  There are articles. . . And none of this can be based on a program rate. . . The point is the citizens know. . . Waiting for it to be announced.

Once the IQD is introduced to a basket it’s value of 1:1 against the American Dollar will go up more.  That’s what’s called the RV state of the monetary reform of the IQD.

. . . IMO the smaller notes are in place to be introduced at any time with specific banks waiting for the RI to be announced and if you look at the articles that are out yesterday and today you will recognize some of those banks.

. . . IMO the ATM’s  are wanting to be loaded with the new small notes that will replace the LD’s that they use right now, the 250, 500 and 1,000 notes.

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