Wolffox: So did Abadi meet with the president in Washington DC at the White House today or not?

RVAlready: Nobody knows…top secret… Per his twitter account, he is in a meeting in Iraq.

RVAlready: He probably sent a sub to meet with trump. Many people were coming

Dr.Bob: He may have had a phone conference or had a subordinate meet with Trump. Time will tell.

Briona:  According to Bruce, Abadi met with Trump today, along with a contingency of people, we shall see if that is so.

RVAlready:  All trump has to do is notify the UN that the US is returning Iraq to US protectorate status and naming Abadi prime minister…… The paperwork is probably already done…… Trump is not going to say what is going on.

Dr.Bob:  Yes, it is a simple thing to do, yet they make it so intrinsicly complicated.

Sherry1959:  Did Abadi really resign as our posting in here or is that a rumor

RVAlready:  No, he did not resign….He was in a cabinet meeting at the time…It is just the chaos we were told to expect…in spades.

Shooter:  It just be possible that the plan all along was to divert attention from who might be considered for the PM spot. If you didn’t want Maliki and the Iran crowd to know who that person might be, draw attention towards Abadi. It’s possible Abadi never did want to serve a second term. We’ve been at this long enough to know.. things aren’t what they seem to be………..

IanJ:  I think the Abadi out rumor is like the Kuwait death and China full page ad. All BS to distract us

Briona:  Iraq should release itself, from a self imposed sanction by revaluing their currency.

Fancy01:  Remember what we have been told “Going to get crazy!!”

IdahoUSA:  “History does not entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

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