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Tishwash: Sadr reveals the fact that he met with Trump envoy in Kuwait on the formation of the government

Baghdad today – Najaf The leader of the Sadr movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, on Thursday, the fact of meeting with Trump envoy to Iraq, Brit McGuck, during his recent visit to Kuwait, in Kuwait, on the formation of the government.

A person named Ali Hussain said: “There are rumors that the visit to Kuwait was aimed at forming the Iraqi government, where some promote the occurrence of a meeting with the US envoy overseeing the formation of the largest bloc, and Saudi intervention, and everyone knows your position of occupation, Neighboring countries, is it clear? “.

“Kuwait is a moderate country and its Emir is the prince of peace and moderation, and it would be good if all of them would turn their backs and solve our problems with brotherly dialogue exclusively,” Sadr said   link


Tishwash:  Kuwait shows “disappointment” with Iraq

Follow-up / Sky Press

Kuwait expressed its disappointment at the lack of progress on the issue of missing persons in Iraq, expressing its aspiration for further efforts and a new and innovative approach in dealing with the obligations owed to it.

Kuwait’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi stressed during the UN Security Council session on the importance of continuing international support and support for Iraq in the coming period so that it can address the security, political, economic and humanitarian conditions and challenges facing it. Security, stability and reconstruction, after the liberation of the entire Iraqi territory from the grip of the organization «Dahesh».​

In this context, Al-Otaibi referred to Kuwait’s efforts to mitigate the consequences of these challenges, in recognition of the magnitude of the tragedy suffered by the Iraqi people. “All this leads us to optimism about the future of Iraq and its security and stability, as it is an integral part of the security and stability of the State of Kuwait, and even the countries of the region as a whole.”

With regard to international obligations and humanitarian issues relating to the file of missing Kuwaitis, Kuwaiti nationals and Kuwaiti property in Iraq, Al-Otaibi stressed that follow-up to the commitments in this regard continues through the international reports of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the ongoing briefings of his Special Representative in Iraq under paragraph 4 of resolution Security Council Resolution 2107 of 2013.

For the missing, Al-Otaibi reiterated his disappointment with the Secretary-General’s lack of progress on the matter despite the efforts made at the field level to excavate and collect information in order to identify the potential sites of the graves and the lack of evidence or information to date. National Archives of Kuwait.

“We must emphasize the importance of these issues, their sensitivity and their role in supporting, promoting and building confidence between Kuwait and Iraq,” he added.

Al-Otaibi expressed his aspiration for further efforts and a new and innovative approach in dealing with those obligations owed to the State of Kuwait to achieve the desired results within the framework of the Tripartite Commission and its technical committee under the chairmanship of the International Committee of the Red Cross.   link


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