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Kue911: Mondays are one heck of a way to spend one seventh of your life.

Iko Ward:  So this is the big week. They’ve all said it. Iraq, the IMF, The Banks, The UN, the Chinese, even the PTB. But they haven’t actually said it, have they? All they have done is allowed for the possibility, together, no public (or insider) dissention. All the indicators are lining up. Do you have on your seat belt?

RSquared:  IKO : I hope the seat belt is needed for take off and not to just sit on the runway

SassyD:  Trade: arrest warrants back for contracts carried out in the previous ​government time — 10/19/2015 — Link  

SassyD : Parliamentary Legal: Iraq can recover his money from officials in the ​event of transfer to relatives — 10/19/2015 — Link

SassyD :Abadi decide to lift Photos “al-Maliki” the alleys of the Gr​een Zone — 10/18/2015 —

SassyD :  humm…. IDQ on Forex only up to 1097.3 at 7:00​am…… still under 11​00…. I expect IKO will be pleased ……..​

Catgirl:  FYI: i watch the currencies on — free site– you go to forex and then go to ‘forex rates’ on left side, then go to ‘all forex markets on left side, shows all the currencies, find the one with USD first, then the currency you want, click .

Well, today is first time ever the listed the zimbabwe dollars but no rates – chart is blank!

Sunny: Jack Lew article and video at