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Steadfast: Apparently the Iraqi leaders don’t care about getting the budget done, I am sure they are all living well and don’t seem to care much about their citizens….If today’s meeting wasn’t enough motivation to get it done, what is it going to take?

FutureMoney: Looks like the conference is going to be a faliure..its 3:00 pm in Iraq and they have only received 2 grants for reconstruction…looks like them not getting the budget done , was a killer

Nana2you: They are never going to announce this… they will just do it…..wait for news a little later still too early for us to hear from across the pond.

Dedar: You know how fat this baby has become. That final push is always the hardest to give birth.

Fullsail: over the weekend Ray posted something to the effect that we are not waiting on iraq anymore, we should know that by now.

​Grizzlies: I found Day’s comments yesterday morning interesting. He said we should have received the 800 numbers l at week; but the greedy banks delayed it.

Ecubucs: Banks won’t give out the numbers until this is completed… UST won’t allow that.

Dedar:  How long can these greedy bankers delay it? Eventually the pressure will be too much and they will have to release it.

Ecubucs:  For SKR’s No exchanges have occurred with asset backed currency… This will not roll out until access backed currency has occurred for the US and World Bank

Fullsail:  ecubucs… yes, and that is to our advantage, asset backed not fiat backed.

Kue911:  When the RV happens Depends sale will go through the roof and the Dow will rise by 2,000 points over night. lol


Elmerf123456: Save this: it will sustain you. Points to remember:

1.Small steps add up to complete big journeys.

2. It takes a long time to become a mighty oak tree, (When you see the tree, you weren’t looking when it was a seed, but it grew into that tree)An acorn is an oak tree turned inside out.

3.Learn like an amateur. Train like a champion. Fight like a warrior. Triumph like a conqueror. All this takes time, training, purpose and commitment!



Harambe:  Reuters: Iraq says reconstruction after war on Islamic State to cost $88 billion (2/12/18)

Harambe:  CNBC: Dow jumps more than 200 points as stocks bounce back from their ​worst week in 2 years​-politics-on-the-agenda.htm